Your Favorite Photo has an Important Message for Your Life

Although it sounds surprising, with just one painting or drawing you can define many aspects of your life and character. Well, breathe deeply and look at the pictures. Which one of them attracts you the most? Discover the important message for your life.

1. Intuition
This choice encourages you to trust your inner guide and listen to your intuition. Rate your sensitivity and give preference to the premonition before logic. Now is not the time to listen to other people’s opinions to fit in. Now it’s a great time to spend time alone. Nature will increase your connection with the universe, just like prayer, meditation, breathing, and exercises like yoga. To improve the current situation, you need to adjust to the natural rhythm and cycles of your life. When you are indecisive, follow your intuition to discover the right path.

2. Re-birth
This picture indicates a great transition and transformation. Your spiritual awakening has begun and your rebirth happens. You need to accept the changes and prepare yourself to be the best version of yourself. Believe that a magical future awaits you, but you need to abandon the old habits. Think about your values and remove everything that does not match your dreams. Transformation is inevitable, and this is a really exciting time for you.

3. Moderation
It is necessary to establish control in every aspect of your life. You may eat too much, drink too much alcohol, smoke, spend too much, and so on. Keep in mind that bad habits like these can delay the manifestation of your dreams. You need a balance between the desire for freedom and the obligations. Find the courage to find professional help if you need it. You do not have to deal with everything yourself.

4. Pause
This picture tells you it is necessary to make a break from your busy schedule. You may have worked hard or many things happen to you. You may be tired, anxious, and not feeling well. Now is the perfect rest period. Even 2 days are enough to restore your soul. Take the time for you, go to the massage, read a book, watch a movie. If you feel insecure or confused, the answers will come to you when you take your time for yourself. So, get out of stress and find your inner peace.

5. Spiritual partnership
If you chose this card, a significant spiritual bond awaits you. Maybe it’s a new friend, or a relationship with a teacher. During this relationship you will be both a teacher and a student, and the wisdom of this experience will strengthen your relationship with the universe. No matter what form this connection will appear, it will be your best. Pay attention to teachers and authors who teach you respect. Look for people with a similar journey like yours.

6. Cancellation
It is time to give up your attachment to a situation. Despair blocks the manifestation, so the more you try to attract your desire, the more you pull it out from you. Leave the outcome of the universe. In order to get what you want, it is important to give space to the universe to fulfill your desire. It’s not your job to make a thing happen, but you should allow it to happen. Relax with your present life and appreciate what you already have.

7. Creativity
It is time to re-connect with your creative side in order to improve the quality of life. Get away from the seriousness of your life and try to do something fun, something that brings you closer to your dreams. You can draw, write, cook, take pictures, whatever pleases you. Use your imagination and look at the world through children’s eyes.

8. Persistence
You need to keep moving forward if you want to fill your dreams. You can handle all the problems, so face it. With persistence you can fulfill all your dreams. Become aware of the negative thoughts and beliefs that affect you and try to get rid of them. Seek help when you need it and believe in your ability to create an amazing life.

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