Your birth Month Reveals Your Soul Symbol

Your birth Month Reveals Your Soul Symbol

The question is what reveals a specific symbol for your soul? There are many ways in which our souls reflect our personalities. Your birth Month Reveals Your Soul Symbol.Your birth Month Reveals Your Soul Symbol

One way to do that is to understand how we think about our month of birth. If we notice the month in which you were born and study the symbol of the soul of that month, your personality can be calculated. Your birth Month Reveals Your Soul Symbol.

January – Dragon:


Like the first month of the year, you are the one everyone follows. You are strong-willed and have the potential to cross anything that comes in your way. However, keep that temper of yours in check. That might be a little bit of a problem because getting angry is not a good solution for everything.


February – Phoenix:


While you do get burnt into ashes like your soul symbol, Phoenix, you arise stronger and more powerful. You have immense tenacity which is the primary source of your strength.


March – Yin-Yang:


You seek balance in everything and always consider the good and bad sides of everyone. You have a positive approach towards life and situations. However, you tend to take only the good into consideration, always negotiating and solving problems. Just be a little careful because some people are too toxic to be good.


April – Lion:


Filled with immense passion, you are extremely bold and courageous. You take over the challenges you face and are loyal to the core. Protecting the people you love, you would risk your own life to take care of your clan.


May – Wolf:


The leader of the pack, you prefer solitude sometimes and often don’t mind staying in the shadows. You are always there for the ones you love and those who threaten to harm your loved ones have to face you first.


June – Fish:


You’re the carefree spirit of the ocean and all you care about in this life is freedom. You avoid responsibilities but that’s not too realistic for you. Don’t ignore your instincts because they are your greatest of strengths.


July – Fire:


You are always guided by passion and if something is important to you, there’s no looking back. Be it the career, or relationship or things you enjoy doing, everything is just intense for you. However, you need to keep that passion in check so that it doesn’t turn into an obsession.


August – Horse:


Like the free-spirited horse, you run free in the wild, always embarking on adventures. You value your work ethics too. Trust in yourself and you will travel miles in your life.


September – Flower:


You are all about serenity and peace. You bring beauty to this mundane world. The warmth you radiate makes people take a break from their fast-paced life for a while and enjoy the tranquillity.


October – Star:


You are everyone’s guiding light, always showing others the way. Success for you isn’t about yourself but about how you inspire others. However, you need to give time to yourself too and practice a bit of self-love so that you don’t burn out.


November – Tree:


You are the support system for everyone else. You give shelter and provide everything for others like the tree. But don’t you think you need to give water to your own roots too?


December – Water:


Like the changing water, you behave differently in different situations. You can be the calm one among your friends but instigated by a storm, you can be dangerous like the turbulent waves, all geared up to face anything that comes in your way.

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