Woman Earns Nearly Β£5,000 Per Month Doing a “dirty” job (selling her feet) Online

A 28-year-old woman receives an additional 5,000 euros on her account in addition to the standard salary, so she sells photos of her feet while making some “jam” with them.

We believe that many of us would like to photograph our feet and money coming to our account, but the girl with the pseudonym Sweet Arches says that this is a “dirty job”.

The 28-year-old works at the hospital as an assistant in the operating room, but still spends six to 10 hours a day on her part-time job, which involves entertaining online followers. In case you haven’t guessed from her chosen pseudonym, Sweet Arches is part of an online community dedicated to foot fetishes.

t has built an army of 105,000 followers and continued to create a profile on OnlyFans, where those interested can send messages with requests.

The woman admits that she “did not think she could make a living” from her photographs, but since then she has received a fortune from dedicated followers, who are demanding everything from licking their toes, and especially popular is the squeezing of fruit with her feet.

Some fans like “foot worship”, where I play with my feet on camera. One customer asked for a pair of my boots. Many people with fetish on their feet love the stinking smell, but it’s super hard to make my feet smell bad. However, the client was happy, even though it smelled like my coconut cream for my feet, ”says Sweet Arches.

However, the strangest request she received from a client was not related to her legs, although there was a connection with “squeezing”: “The strangest request was from someone who asked me to run over him in my car! I said absolutely no. This is definitely the craziest thing I’ve ever refused to do. Working in a hospital, I thought it would be quite counter-productive. “

The girl with the money pays for her additional study and says that her job is quite profitable, because she earns up to 2,000 euros in the hospital.

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