When You Change Yourself, You Can Change The World. You Are Pure Energy

When You Change Yourself, You Can Change The World. You Are Pure Energy

Each thing in the universe is a vibration of energy. Each atom, each molecule, and all of the objects that we think they are in solid form are literary made of 99.9% space.

The physical and material world that we are dealing with is neither physical nor material. Basically, it is something far more complicated than that.
This theory has been proved by many physicists, winners of the Nobel Prize, including Niels Bohr.

Niels Bohr was a Danish physicist to whom we are grateful for the understanding of atomic structure and development of the quantum theory.
If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet. Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real. “–Niels Bohr

All around us is energy, and we are energy. When you are going to start believing this and perceive yourself as a spiritual being that hasn’t been touched by the space and the time, the barricades around you will begin to fade. The best ways to understand the information above are meditation and self-contemplation.

After each noticed frequency, our body produces vibrations. In case your frequency in on a high level, it means that you are in a positive state of mind, and the negativity won’t influence you. But, in case you are stressed, depressed, you will have low and slow vibration, which will allow the negative energy to influence you even more.

According to this, we are functioning based on the vibration level, which is made from pure energy. All human vibrations linked with each other are creating the reality around us.

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The universe is absorbing every vibration we are creating, no matter bad or good, and it will echo it.

Furthermore, if we collect all the vibration around the world, we will have obtained the whole human consciousness.Β In the internal state of humanity, we can see war, famine, scarcity, violence, hatred, frustration, etc., so we can find them in the world too.

On the other hand, every day, we might be witnesses of the vibration of growth, love, kindness, expansion, forgiveness, and change.Β These vibrations are made from the bottom of our souls and will return to the natural state, so we can continue living our lives in a brighter future and prosperity.

This process is called energetic awakening, and it is happening on the planet now.
Only by understanding the universe, we won’t change the world. Seeing and understanding nature will change your way of thinking. The real change will start with comprehension of the principles of the universe and the ones to our life.
The function of this information is to awake us all and tell us that we are all some sort of energy, spreading uniquely.

Quantum physics can prove that our feelings are of high importance. When we are living in a peaceful and loving state of mind, we will influence the world around us, for sure.

According to quantum physics, what you fill is the thing that you will attract. Be enthusiastic and passionate, and you will result in enthusiasm and passion.
These facts are influencing directly on the world situation, that is why you need to start spreading more positive energy so that you will gain more positive energy.
We are all energy.

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