The Rise and Fall of an Empire: Atlantis – Alternative Insights into Earth History

Over the last few thousand years, we have been making our history. Our stories of history have been altered, mistranslated and modified. A modern view of history encompasses a lot of things, but completely rejects many important parts that give the story its integrity.

For example, the pyramids at Giza. There is no modern theory that confirms how they were built. Each block they consist of cannot be pulled by fifty people, let alone dragged by hundreds of miles, then set up to form pyramids of such a perfect ratio that even the most modern technology cannot perform. Not to mention that they are perfectly aligned with the constellation Orion, the Golden Ratio, and the Fibonacci spiral. They are also the energy center of all the holy places of the planet. This is just one example.




There was a time when human beings existed at a very high level of consciousness. We were multidimensional and had developed all the potentials of Man. We communicated with thoughts and emotions. Writing and producing sounds was considered a very primitive way of communicating. We lived primarily on a large belt of islands called Lemuria.

As early as 1910, researchers studied the life of corals and found that they live in a narrow surface belt of water. They then found a large belt of coral at far greater depths, stretching from Easter Island to Hawaii, and concluded that they had once been on the surface of the ocean and that the sea floor had sunk.

More importantly, they found identical flora and fauna in the belt from Hawaii, through Polynesia, to the Easter Islands. It’s a huge distance, but looking at the map we’ll see the shape of a large arch. According to the information, that belt was the west coast of Lemuria. It contains the same plants, animals, insects and bacteria.

This was all intensively studied and we were on the verge of great discoveries but then came the First World War and the interest in spirituality was lost.

Over time, a shift in consciousness occurred on Lemuria, and humanity ascended to a higher density. As a result, Lemuria was covered by the ocean and a new continent rose from the waters. We called it Atlantis.

After the sinking of Lemuria and the rise of Atlantis, the human race did not yet have a home and spread to islands around the world. We didn’t know where to go.

At that time there were about a thousand human beings named Naakali. They had an extremely high awareness, far above others. Today they are known as the Ascended Masters.

Naakali began to prepare Atlantis to be the new Home of Mankind. They projected their energies over the entire surface of the continent in the form of the sacred geometry of the Tree of Life. But not with ten laps, but with twelve. One extra was on the island of Udal, and another added on the opposite side at the bottom of the ocean. The geometry stretched several hundred kilometers on the surface, yet it was projected with precision at the level of one atom.

The main spiritual reason for choosing Atlantis was kundalini energy. Kundalini is a snake-like energy that moves through energy centers along the spine. When activated, it gives tremendous energy to the chakras and activates spiritual abilities. Mother Earth also has kundalini because She is alive. Its kundalini flows from the center of the planet to specific places on the surface. Wherever the kundalini resides in this way, the people who live in that place become the spiritual leaders of the world.

Gaia herself chose Atlantis to become the energy center of the planet in that period. After Atlantis, the kundalini moved to the area of ​​Tibet and India, and throughout history it has moved approximately every 13,000 years. With each shift in kundalini, a quantum leap in human understanding of spirituality occurred. He currently resides in the Andes. The earth kundalini is called the Serpent of Light.


Vortexes revive Atlantis


Naakali breathed life into the Tree of Life on Atlantis within one day. This created vortexes of energy rotating within each of the twelve circles. When the energy centers were established, the children of Lemuria were invited. Millions of Lemurians scattered across the planet felt the Call and headed for Atlantis.

Energetically speaking, however, Lemurians collective consciousness reached only twelve years of age. Because they had a dominant right side of the brain, they were female in nature. Something like a twelve-year-old girl in terms of consciousness. And some of their chakras have not yet fully developed. Knowing that their task was to work at these centers, each migration of the Lemurians was attracted by a certain energy vortex of Atlantis corresponding to their development. They settled there and started building cities.

However, two of the ten active vortexes were not used by anyone. No one settled with them. The vortexes drew life force into themselves, and no one used it. The life of the vortex will attract life in one way or another, that is the law of nature. This happened in later periods. Mayan records clearly show that there were ten cities built on Atlantis at the time of the Fall.


The arrival of alien races


To inhabit these two vortexes, two alien races jumped in. Completely different from each other. The first race was the ancestors of the Hebrews. The priest-priest of Atlantis, Thoth, says that they came from the future, but there is no mention of the constellation. They were something like children who came from fifth grade but have to repeat it because they didn’t learn the lesson. They learned all the science and math, the matter of the left side of the brain. But they did not develop the right side of the brain for the purpose of evolving consciousness. They knew many things that mankind did not know at the time and brought many unknown concepts. The Jewish people still have many elements of sacred geometry and mathematical aspects in their traditions and teachings. Some channeled material speaks to the fact that Moses incarnated in his day to liberate his Jewish people. Also that he was visited by the Ascended Master who taught him how to lead the people.

Their arrival on Atlantis was welcome, they were accepted and they contributed to evolution.

The other alien race that came caused problems. They came from a nearby planet, Mars. According to Thoth, Mars then resembled Earth. It was beautiful, filled with nature, oceans and waters. A cataclysm happened to them due to a failed global experiment that destroyed the atmosphere. The experiment was later called the Lucifer’s Experiment, a term denoting an attempt by the Soul to experience isolation from the Creator, Source, and the rest of creation, and to create its own reality. The soul is free to do whatever it wants, even such a voluntary placing in the illusion of separation and separation. Thus, Lucifer is not an evil creature rebelling against God, but a state of consciousness that wants to experience separation and independent creation of reality. So duality versus unity. Every Soul can choose this because it is part of the Creator, and as His child it has these abilities and freedom.

Every time a species in the universe undergoes this experiment, it “cuts off” from the rest of Creation voluntarily, falling under the influence of the pronounced dominance of the left side of the brain and male energy. This leads to selfishness, greed, self-interest, lack of compassion and consequent wars. The Martians wanted the experience of Lucifer’s experiment, cut their love bond with the Creator, and became a distinctly male-oriented race, logical but emotionless. A great war broke out, Mars became a battlefield and the atmosphere fell apart.




The merkaba, or light body, is a star-shaped tetrahedon, the energy field around our body. All the ancient sacred texts speak of it in one way or another, and all spiritual cultures have had certain processes of merkaba activation. When fully activated, the merkaba gives all the potentials of Man, multy-dimensionality and travel through the universe through higher dimensions.

Before Mars was destroyed, they began to build large pyramids arranged in the shape of a tetrahedon. These pyramids created an energetic synthetic merkaba. Images of the complex were taken by satellites.

Since the Martians were separated from the consciousness of Oneness, they could not create a living merkaba. They created a synthetic one, which they used as a tool. Through this tool they traveled through time to find a new home. One part of their society found the Earth through the merkabah, and that happened before the destruction.

65,000 years ago, they saw on Atlantis a vortex that no one inhabits, that draws life into itself. Now that they were part of Lucifer’s separation experiment, they didn’t even ask for permission. What happened then, entering that powerful vortex, changed the course of our evolution.


Naakali and Thoth the Atlantean


The reason why the Naakali are special was not only because of their extremely high awareness for which they were the guides of Atlantis, but they also reached what we call immortality today. They had ways to keep their bodies young and healthy for as long as they wanted. When they decided, they would simply change their bodies and move on to a new life. When they reincarnate, they don’t suffer as much memory loss as we do.

They did this through their high awareness and activated abilities, and also through tantric kundalini activations.

In this way Thoth was the priest-king of Atlantis for thousands of years. He remained on Earth until fifteen years ago, when he handed over all wisdom and memories in the form of sacred geometry to a group of Souls sent from the galactic center, whose mission is described by the word “Melchizedek”, and the person’s name is Drunvalo, which is a Druid name.

The merkaba consists of three layers of tetrahedon, two rotate in opposite directions, and the third is stationary. When the merkaba is activated divinely, in the heart, it is done with love. When the merkaba is activated from the outside, artificially, it does not contain that love in itself, it is not divinely guided and it becomes unstable very quickly.

The Martians tried to control the world from an island west of Atlantis. Today, the area is called the Bermuda Triangle, in which there are large electromagnetic imbalances and dimensional gaps into which ships and planes are sucked. That merkaba they created is still there at the bottom of the ocean. That merkaba will soon be balanced, as the Earth raises its vibration and comes into contact with extremely advanced beings. Also, certain light and energy workers across the planet receive adjustments in the energies with which they can perform such work.


The Fall


The Naakals did everything they could to save Atlantis. They sent the vast majority of lower-dimensional beings back into their dimensions and patched dimensional splits. Despite this, the situation deteriorated sharply. All the concepts of their lives have completely fallen β€” social, economic, etc. The inhabitants have begun to acquire unknown diseases and the whole continent has entered a state of survival. Life was no longer lived, but reduced to surviving until tomorrow. Naakali did not know what to do.

Therefore, they began to pray to the highest levels of conscious life in the universe seeking help. The problem began to be considered at many high levels of the universe.

The eleventh and twelfth dimensions are completely unthinkable to us at our level. From such beings came a clear message: humanity will fall. Fall to the bottom.

Also that humanity is changing polarity. We were no longer female energy. We will start from the very beginning as male energy.

And last but not least, we will only have 13,000 years to return to the consciousness we were in. It naturally takes about 100,000 years to evolve consciousness and raise the vibration for one species to reach Christ Consciousness, that is, the consciousness of our deepest nature. We only had a fragment of that time, a tenth, to reach that state, or a catastrophe like Atlantis, a global cataclysm, awaits us. We live in the time of the end of that period of 13,000 years.

Thoth realized that he would have to do this experiment on himself first. They received instructions from the twelfth dimension, and Thoth, Ra, and Agartha set out. They were all kings of Atlantis in the past. To understand what they were working on, we need to talk about the Earth’s lines of consciousness, the Dragon’s lines.

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