The End Of Smartphones: Smart Contact Lens Unveiled

Mojo Vision’s smart contacts put text in my eye and let me see in the dark. They’re aiming for even more than that.

Ok, we all have heard about smart contact lenses before, but one interesting Silicon Valley company has actually come up with a prototype, which it’s been showing off to the press these days.

It’s about Mojo Vision, a tech startup company, has unveiled a working prototype of what it claims to be the world’s first true smart contact lens.

So these amazing smart lenses are essentially a minimized screen that is small enough to fit in the human eye. With it, as the company itself says – the lens will be able to show you directions on the road, and even be able to look in the dark.


Future woman with cyber technology treatment eye panel concept

And what is the best part of all this? No one will be able to see or know that you are wearing them. They are designed so that outsiders can’t see them, and according to Steve Sinclair – vice president of product and marketing, the company has made the lenses so that their handling is totally subtle and unnoticeable. It helps with eye movements, ensuring that no one will know you are wearing them. Isn’t that totally cool? Isn’t that like in spy movies?

There is still much thing to be done, before it can get released though, including full FDA approval that adheres to regulations and standards, something which the company is currently working on. It’s needless to say that this kind of technology has a lot of uses and the possibilities are endless.


Along with being invisible, the contact lens will also be unobtrusive. It’s possible that a screen right in front of the eye would constantly be feeding information, which isn’t what the company wants. So it will only give the wearer the data they need and when they need it, rather than bombarding them with it when they don’t. This is especially important as the screen will still be visible when the eyes are closed on account of it being a contact lens.

“Invisible Computing”

Mojo Vision has a pretty lofty idea of what it wants to accomplish through its AR smart contacts. The Mojo Lens prototype can supposedly provide real-time contrast and lighting enhancements as well as zoom, like on a smartphone camera, that will help people struggling with low vision, a gradual loss of sight that cannot be reversed.

According to a press release that the company put out this week, the underlying concept is something called “invisible computing,” which Mojo says is a platform for instantaneous, hands-free info that will “allow people to interact with each other more freely and genuinely.”

I don’t know what the long-term viability of Mojo Vision’s smart lenses is. I’ve only had one demo in a hotel suite in Las Vegas. But I’ve needed the last week to process all of this, because the possibilities feel wilder than anything I’ve experienced before. I wouldn’t even call these lenses augmented reality. They feel, instead, like something bionic.

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