The climax of the opening of great energy portal 11:11 is approaching – Signs are everywhere!

A very powerful energy portal has started to open, and the culmination is 11.11. The energies of the 11:11 portal will be felt a few days before and after this date and we will witness large influxes of cosmic energies to Earth. If you intend to use these energies wisely, you can do a cleansing technique or meditation as of today, with the intention of getting rid of the past. It is good to do it in the evening, because the energies are extremely intensified at dusk!

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Everything we have accumulated in ourselves over the years, be it physical illness, mental difficulties or emotional suffering, is intensifying coming out of all of us this year. That is why our life is even more turbulent and difficult, even though on the other hand we work on ourselves and try to be as up to date with current events as possible.

All this is even more pronounced during the stronger influx of cosmic energies to the Earth, and that is usually when larger spiritual-energy portals are opened. One of them has already started to open, and the culmination is 11.11. The energies of the 11:11 portal will be felt for several days after this date.
By purifying our own, we also purify the karma of all ancestors

In talking to people, I get information that many have intense dreams, in which their ancestors or deceased relatives appear. It is an indication that you are clearing karmic connections and slowly separating yourself from the silver thread (which is now bursting), with which you were tied to your genetic line. The past must be thoroughly cleansed before we move on to a whole new life, which brings with it new vibrations and new events. When we work on ourselves and cleanse our karma, then we also cleanse the karma of all our ancestors. If you stop for a moment and remind yourself what your ancestors were like on both your mother’s and father’s side, it will be clear to you how much there is to clean up.

It is therefore not surprising that in the Hindu family tradition it is customary for one of the children, at a very young age, to be given into spiritual service and learning in order to later become monks. Because, they know that it is good to have at least one person in every family who is completely dedicated to the Spirit in order to help not only their loved ones but also their ancestors to get rid of karma.

Now it may be clearer to you how huge the contingent of karmic loads each of us has. But, as souls, we came to do this precisely because we knew, before we incarnated, that we had all the knowledge, strength and power to overcome it. When, therefore, you are sometimes discouraged, when you lose heart or you are simply tired and tired of everything, remember that we never take a greater burden than our backs can bear. It will tell you that you have both the knowledge and the strength to get out of any situation no matter how difficult and hopeless it may seem.

How will you know that you have managed to clear at least a part of your past? You will have dreams in which you dream of your family, you will hear people passing by talking about a segment of the past, you will β€œaccidentally” see a TV show that talks about ancestors, etc.… So, signs are everywhere, you just need to follow them.


Transition to crystal form


When it comes to the impact on our DNA, it happens all the time and is strongest during the portal, but is less visible in everyday life. The transition to the crystalline form of our DNA has been going on for a long time, and as a result, the structure of our physical body is changing. But as changing DNA (thanks to these new cosmic energies, but also to the plan of our soul) awakens hidden knowledge in our cells, a possible indication is that you suddenly know something you didn’t know before, without reading it anywhere or saw.

You feel that knowledge no longer comes so much from the outside as from the inside. And only now do you have the feeling that the phrase “all knowledge is in us” is really becoming an external truth.

Since the physical body takes some time to adapt or reshape to our (now continuously) changing DNA, there may be a desire to change what we put into the body and how we “use” it. Some have a sudden desire to be much more physically active (so that the body “burns” the old patterns), and others have an obvious desire to rest and sleep as much as possible. Both are fine. I will not talk about changes in diet because you have known this for a long time. The most important thing is to follow your own changes and not compare yourself to others too much.


2 Replies to “The climax of the opening of great energy portal 11:11 is approaching – Signs are everywhere!”

  1. You have no idea how scary it is to read this: to keep a long personal story short, I’ve decided to let many things and behaviors in my life go…I’m flying back to China in a few weeks to be with my wife and first born son and this past weekend some of my flaws were deeply and scarily exposed

    I meditated today deeply to Isis and my other guides today for forgiveness just a few hours ago, I felt so called to do it during dusk hours…this makes me shake when I read stuff like this immediately after

    And the time is 11:11pm as I type this

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