Test: emotional state

Test: What you first saw in the picture speaks to your emotional state

Test: emotional state –Β  What you first saw in the picture speaks to your emotional state. Take a good look at the picture and answer the question: what did you see in this picture first? The first thing you see speaks to your Test: emotional state.


You are looking for peace and quiet, and you are not used to actively dealing with strong feelings.

You don’t want to get into a turbulent situation and start something new.

Your current emotional state is not the best.


You are very energetic at the moment.

Are you ready for new jobs and relationships?

You are interested in everything around you and you like everything that is new.

You have an optimistic mood and a positive emotional state.


You are always on guard. This goes for work, leisure and relationships.

You are neutral in this period and you have taken a stand.

You may be unconsciously waiting for favorable circumstances to choose a good life path for you, but for now you have a neutral emotional state.

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