lasting relationship

Test: What did you see first? Discover why you can’t find a lasting relationship

Can’t find a lasting relationship..?

Calm your mind and look carefully at the picture. What you see first reveals why you can’t find true love.

If the first thing you saw was…

The man with the beard

If you first saw a man with a beard, your previous experiences prevent you from finding lasting love.

Try to see disappointments from the past as an opportunity to learn and a reason to grow.

To finally find love, you have to wait for it with an open heart, not close it.

Two birds

If you first notice two birds, your unreasonable expectations are the reason why you can’t find lasting love.

It’s nice to look for some special characteristics in a potential partner, but one should be careful not to overdo it, because the perfect person just doesn’t exist.

If you keep your dream firmly in place, you could miss a wonderful love story, with all the positive and negative sides.


If the first thing you saw was a mountain, it is emotional distance that prevents you from finding a lasting love affair. If you want to get close to someone, it is important that you truly connect with that person.

Whether you have been hurt in the past or not, you need to find a way to open up to new experiences. No one says it’s easy nor should it be.

Move at your own pace, just the way you feel most comfortable, but at the same time recognize that true love involves a complete “opening” to your partner.

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