Test: One of these 4 pictures appeared today

Test: One of these 4 pictures appeared today to remind you of a very important thing!

Test: One of these 4 pictures appeared today

Take a look at these pictures. Which image attracts you the most? The one who invites you the most will reveal the message to you. Let your intuition guide you.

1. Concealed blessings

Test: One of these 4 pictures appeared today

You are asked not to make premature conclusions about your current circumstances. This situation is not what it seems. You may be surprised when you realize that you got something completely different from what you were looking for. Your original reaction may be confusion and you may be wondering, “Why, why did this happen?”

You may feel like the Universe has made a mistake. But be careful not to judge this situation too soon. The universe doesn’t make mistakes and you haven’t done anything wrong either. In fact, this is a disguised blessing.

If you had plans that suddenly failed at the last minute, know that this is now for your best. If you have absolutely no control over this seemingly disturbing situation, it is time to accept that there is a plan.

Things never look the way they really are, and this situation actually has a surprise that will surely be a blessing. You are asked to let go of all judgments and to have confidence that the Universe will deliver what you want in the most unexpected ways.

2. Manifestation of magic

Test: One of these 4 pictures appeared today

You create your life based on the intentions you send into the Universe. When you truly follow the course of the Law of Attraction, magic begins to happen! Synchronicities are starting to become a part of your daily life. It is truly a magical experience. Sometimes we think we are in harmony with the Law of Attraction, but we are truly separate from it.

We separate from it by creating resistance to what we want. Resistance arises because of fear of change or feelings of unworthiness. It’s time to open your heart to receive. You are worthy! This time focus on what you really and truly want.

What is it that you want to experience? Once you have a clear picture of what you want, keep the picture in your mind and you will receive it every day. If you truly believe this will come true, shouldn’t you feel excited? Yes, you would! Feel excited because you know you will experience it, that you will receive it and that it is here!

This image appeared today to remind you that you have the ability to create what you want to create! You have reason to feel excited. You are just ready to experience the magic of manifesting your reality!

3. Synergy

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Uniting all your talents helps you create an energetic signature that contains your authentic creative expression. Your gifts and talents are not separate. Together they do all that you are. You may be trying too hard to figure out how to move forward with something specific.

This is because you look at everything as separate parts when, in fact, it all mixes together and makes you what you are. The combination of your gifts, talents and abilities form the whole of what you can offer.

You are guided to unite different aspects of yourself and thus you will create something new and exciting. This image represents your creative talents. You have an abundance of creative energy that is ready to grow out of you if you embrace all aspects of your true nature.

That image comes to you today to help you understand that everything you have learned, all the skills you have developed, and all your gifts work together as one to create a creative solution.


4. Stretch yourself

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It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and head into the unknown. It is safe to take risks. Have faith and you will experience something new. It’s time to grow and move into a new chapter of your life. At this point, things may not seem familiar to you. Things change at a faster pace, and new opportunities and circumstances come into your experience.

You are asked to allow yourself to stretch beyond what has been common to you so far. As you allow this, you create an expansion that comes from the soul that becomes the driving force of all your actions.

Your soul longs for expansion. You can’t expand if you continue with the same daily routine. It’s time to ask yourself, “How do I play it safe?”

If you feel driven to enroll in a new course, open a new business or start a new venture in any way, this is your sign! You are on the right path. Believe and turn the pages of life into an exciting new chapter in your life!

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