TEST: Choose one magic stone and you will receive a fateful message!

This fun test can guide you on the right path and give you life advice that your soul desperately needs to hear. All you have to do is choose the stone you like best and read the accompanying description.

1. Your message is “Self-esteem”

You deserve all the good things in life like anyone else. Love, attention, success and respect. The rain is falling on all of us, the sun is shining on all of us. Isn’t it time to let go of some limiting beliefs about yourself?

Low self-esteem is actually the way we say “I’m afraid to reveal who I really am.” It’s a protective coat that reassures us that we’re not worthy so why bother at all. But you see, it’s just fear. Nothing more. He may be expelled.

And you know you don’t want to live in fear. What an unfortunate existence that would be. So from this moment on, say and believe, “I deserve, like anyone else, love, success, and respect.”

If you already do that, great, your life will be transformed!

2. Your message is “Surrender to life”

Now is the time. Embrace your life and stop resisting the deepest desires of your heart. Breathe life into your day with courage and hope. It’s the only way they’ll ever become real.

How many times have you made up reasons why you can’t do something? And how often have you secretly hoped that something β€œexciting” would happen and shake things up?

Of course, you know, deeply, that such rewards come only with effort. And your participation. Your heart knows what you want to do. You came to Earth to dance. So dance!

If you’re already doing it, it’s great, your life is slowly transforming!

3. Your message is “Delay”

If you tend to procrastinate, perhaps out of fear, indecision, or laziness, then consider rejecting this bad habit.

Don’t feel bad about putting things off, just say β€˜I’m ready to finally get rid of that habit’.

You don’t want to put off all the good things that could happen to you. Fate waits, but cannot wait forever.

You can start with one task and complete it. You will soon get into the rhythm of fulfilling things and your self-confidence will rise.

4. Your message is “Love Questions”

You are ready for love and you have so much love to give. However, it is time to let go of any fears or negative patterns that are preventing you from opening your heart.

The past is the past, if you learn something from it, you will not repeat the same mistakes. At all times the Universe listens to your thoughts – even when you think you are alone in your head – you are not.

It registers what you are thinking about and manifests what matches it. If you think of fear, you will not get what you want.

Open your heart – imagine yourself safe in the arms of someone worthy of your love.

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