Setting up goals and ways to achieve them

Your entire entrepreneurial career will be based on setting goals and working on their realization. If you achieve them, that
will mean success for you.

Because of the importance of your goals, it becomes clear that the success of your business will largely be based on setting
goals. If you have the right goals for your business and realize them then your business will succeed.

But if you have the wrong goals that you can easily achieve, it will not guarantee that your business will succeed.

Here I want to present 6 questions that will help you in setting the right goals for your business.

1. What are the real goals for you?
Start answering the question of the meaning of the right goals for you and your business. This is an important starting point
when you want to set really important goals for your business.

Is Something Real More Profitable for Your Business? Is it the real goal to complete a project?

Such questions and their answers will guide you through the process to look at many possible goals from different perspectives
simply because you want to find them, but also to understand what the real purpose is.

2. Why is this goal important to you?
Furthermore, when you already know what is important to you and your business in terms of your goals, you can simply ask
yourself about the importance of each of the goals.

Probably you will already have more goals that you want to achieve, but some of them are more important than the rest. For each
goal, clearly define the importance for you.

3. If you achieve them, what will you get?
The purpose of setting goals is to achieve them, that is, realize them. But setting goals is another goal and that’s something
you will get from that process of achievement.

Now, once you know what the real goals are for you and know why each of the goals is important to you, start thinking what you
will get when you achieve the specific goal.

4. What will happen if you do not achieve them?
One thing is you will get if you achieve the goals, but it’s completely different that you will lose if you do not achieve one
of the goals.

Entrepreneurial life as you already know is not a predictable life. It is therefore important to think about the situations in
which you will find yourself if you do not achieve any of the goals that can happen.

This question will help you see what you will lose if you do not achieve one of the goals and on the other hand you will be
aware that you must be more committed to achieving those goals if you are not ready to overcome the loss due to lack of

5. Do you need to give up something to achieve your goals?
Often achieving goals will require you to abandon something existing.

For example, if you want to focus on the most important project in order to achieve some of the more important goals you will
need to stop with some of the current projects that are not so important for avs.

When answering this question simply for each of your purposes, make a list of all possible cancellations that you will need to

6. If you put the failures and benefits of a scale that will be harder?
Now, when you know what you will get and what you will lose (you must quit) just start by analyzing them.

The answer will give you a clear picture of whether you need to focus on the goals you are setting. If your newly created goals
can bring you more benefits than losses, then you are on the right track.

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