50 Ways to Raise Your Frequency and Keep Your Vibe High

Raise Your Frequency & Keep Your High Vibe with Those 50 Tips

One of the secrets to success is being practiced and skilled at keeping your vibe high. This means that when life throws you a curve ball and expectations are unmet, you know how to separate your emotions from yourself and not speak or act in anger or fear.Β  50 Ways to Raise Your Frequency and Keep Your Vibe High.


1. Smile (at yourself, at others, at life)

2. Take 3 deep belly breaths and know that all is well

3. Go for a walk – move your body, shift your mood

4. Dance (bonus points for grabbing someone else to dance with)

5.Β  Tap (use Emotional Freedom Technique to release any limiting emotions)

6. Celebrate

7. Phone a friend

8. Give (your time, your money, your love)

9. Bring a happy memory to mind and bathe in the nostalgia

10. Spend time in nature

11. Have a clear out (of your handbag, kitchen cupboards, wardrobe or go for it and do the whole house)

12. Eat some delicious, nourishing food

13. Lavish your body with attention (because it really deserves it)

14. Have a shower and let negative emotions wash away

15. Listen to an uplifting tune

16. Step (or leap) out of your comfort zone

17. Make conversation with a stranger

18. Get a good night’s sleep

19. Laugh

20. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, β€˜I love you’??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

21. Shift your perception

22. Light a candle

23. Spend time by the sea

24. Dress up

25. Kiss

26. Walk barefoot on the grass and soak up the earth’s energy

27. Have a massage

28. Meditate (a few minutes will do)

29. Offer to help others

30. Look through old photos of good times

31. Create (write, draw, shape, bake, colour-in, make)

32. Watch a feel-good film using MovieTube Apk

33. Cry

34. Go to an art gallery

Take care of yourself35. Soak in the bath

26. Get naked

37. Write a love letter to your beau

38. Write a love letter to yourself

39.Β  Catch up with old friends

40. Make some new friends

41.Curl up and read a book

42. Have some quiet time

43. Be grateful for all the beauty in your life (because there is beauty there)

44. Plan a surprise

45. Watch a fireBonfire

46. Burn some incense

47. Connect – with others, with yourself, with Spirit

48. Stretch (your body, your mind or both)

49. Travel (near or far)

50.Β  Make love


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