The month we are born signifies a lot for us, our character, and also our brain. There are as many characters as there are people on the planet, but depending on the month you were born, the month itself has specific characteristics that only that month has. What is your brain like?


If you were born in January, your ruling number is 1. You are independent and born leaders. You need to stand out and be known for your creativity, ingenuity and ability to do something to make it happen. Because you are charismatic, people follow you without much question. You probably lead a more traditional life than others.

Features of people born in January

Stubborn, ambitious and serious. They love to learn and be taught. They never see the flaws and weaknesses of people. Hardworking and productive. Smart, neat and organized. They know how to make others happy. They are quiet until they are excited or tense. Restrained. Full of love and faithful. They want children. They have great social skills. They are careful with money and manage it very successfully.

What do scientists say about them?

People born in January are statistically more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease, Crohn’s disease and epilepsy. Scientists believe that the reason for this is that they are exposed to less sunlight in the first months of life. This can cause developmental delays as well as make them more susceptible to certain diseases.


If you were born in February, the number 2 has the biggest impact on you. You are strong empaths. Relationships mean a lot to you and you will spend most of your life looking for the right person. You are also more likely to become depressed if you do not find the right person to love. It can be difficult to please yourself. People born this month love to take care of others and are great parents.

Personality traits born in February

They love reality and the abstract. Intelligent and smart. Variable behavior. Attractive. Quiet, shy and modest. Honest and loyal. Determined to achieve the goal. They want freedom. Rebellious when pressed. Too sensitive. They get angry very easily, but they don’t show it. Ambitious. They want fun. Superstitious and fun.

What do scientists say about them?

These people are very likely to become artists. They are also prone to sleep problems. The reason for this is that people born in February prefer evening hours because they have been exposed to less light in their first months. Standard working hours may not be for them.


If you were born in March, the number 3 has a big impact on your life. Very often you are in the right place at the right time. You may be judged to be famous. You have the ability to make a lot of money, but also to lose it very quickly. You may find it difficult to stay in a relationship because you are prone to infidelity. You are also more prone to addictions and vices than others. You tend to never grow up, but these are some of the things that make it so easy to love.

Properties of persons born in March

Attractive personalities. Attached. Shy and restrained. Mysterious. Honest and generous. They want peace and to serve others. They get annoyed easily. They value and reciprocate kindness. They love to travel and love attention. They rush into choosing a partner. Talented for music. They have a changeable mood.

What do scientists say about them?

People born in March are more likely to get asthma. Scientists say this is because mothers were deficient in vitamin D, which is activated by sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency can also interfere with brain development, so these people may not be the best students. They will probably build an unconventional career, like that of an artist.


If you were born in April, 4 is your influential number. They may see you as stubborn and impulsive. On the other hand, you are very creative and intelligent. You are a born leader and you are very ambitious. Your charm will help you attract many friends and lovers throughout your life. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Once you have something in mind, nothing can stop you from achieving your goal.

Traits of people born in April

Active and dynamic. Determined and fast, but they also know how to regret it. Attractive. They want attention. Good counselors, friendly and willing to solve the problems of others. Brave and fearless. Adventurers. Kind and caring. Polite and generous. Aggressive. They have a good memory.

What do scientists say about them?

People born in April are more likely to become alcoholics. Again, lack of sunlight is the reason. They are also prone to autism, depression and seasonal affective disorder.


Those born in May are numbered 5. Your expression is very important and you may be a talented musician, actor or writer. You have respect for authority and you believe in marriage. Your friends are more important than anything else and you spend a lot of time socializing. However, from time to time you need to be alone. Time spent in nature alone can help you to strike a balance.

Properties of persons born in May

Stubborn. They have great motivation. Sharp thoughts. They get annoyed easily. They attract others and adore attention. Beautiful, both physically and mentally. They do not need additional motivation. They want to dream. They have a lush imagination. They love literature and art. They love to travel and don’t want to be home. They usually do not have many children. Valuable, with a cheerful spirit.

What do scientists say about them?

These people are prone to diabetes and glaucoma. And this has to do with exposure to light. Lack of sunlight can have an impact at various stages of development. Also, these people have a lower IQ for the same reason.


If you were born in June, the number 6 rules your destiny. You are very romantic, but also very jealous. You are also a great lover. Your love life is usually very complicated. A career related to creativity is the best choice for you. Your biggest weakness is gossip. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. You don’t want children, but older relatives can mean a lot to you.

Properties of persons born in June

They think long term. Polite. They have a lot of ideas. Sensitive. They are hesitant and may put things off. They are picky and always want the best. Temperamental. Interesting and with a sense of humor. Conversational. Friendly. They make friends easily. They get bored quickly. Stubborn. They rarely show emotion. They need more time to heal when someone hurts them.

What do scientists say about them?

Most Nobel Prizes have been awarded to people born in June. They finally get the light they need after they are born. However, due to lack of light while in the womb, they may have vision problems.


According to numerology, if you were born in July, the number 7 is your ruler. You are an honest person. Take care of your family and do your best to protect your relationships. You can be cynical and sarcastic and a little lonely, which can confuse those who care about you. People born this month can be eccentric, especially in the way they dress and some life habits. Many people born in June are geniuses, but they are also sensitive and prone to depression.

Properties of persons born in July

It’s fun to be in their company, but sometimes it’s hard to understand them. Be proud of yourself. They are honest. They care about the feelings of others. They are sensitive and choose their friends carefully. They have no learning difficulties. They want to be alone. They have difficulty making new friends.

What do scientists say about them?

They have a diet problem. They get hurt easily, but they take a long time to heal.


If you were born in August, your ruling number is 8. You tend to see the good in others. One of your weaknesses is the health problem because you work hard. You are often recognizable for your ability to inspire others. You make money very easily.

Properties of people born in August

They want to joke. Attractive. Brave and fearless. Too generous. Jealous. Be careful. They think fast. They want to lead. They are talented in art, music and defense. Romantics. They want to make friends.

What do scientists say about them?

People born in August are more likely to have problems at school. They are 30 percent more likely to be “marked” as problematic students by teachers. They are usually the youngest children in the class, so they have trouble keeping up with the lectures.


If you were born this month, the number 9 is very important to you. You will probably have many roles in your life because you are intelligent and flexible. You are also very well organized. Your biggest weakness is depression. To succeed, sometimes you need to turn off your inner voice that criticizes you.

Properties of people born in September

Careful and organized. Stubborn. Quiet. Faithful. Sensitive and very generous. They have a good memory. They can motivate themselves. They love sports. They rarely show emotion and are kept to themselves. Pretentious, especially when it comes to relationships.

What do scientists say about them?

The best in school are most often born this month, as they are almost always the oldest in the class. Chances are they’re going to graduate and build a career.


If you were born in October, your number is 10. You are very lucky. When you set a goal, you almost always achieve it. The downside of your personality is that you get into arguments too easily and want revenge. If you can handle your demons, you can do more than you ever imagined. You have the potential to be a leader in your field.

Properties of people born in October

They love to talk. They always reciprocate the love. Their friends are very important to them. They are easily injured but also easily overcome. Loyal. They don’t care what others think. They love travel, art and literature. They know how to be jealous, but they are always honest. They easily lose confidence. They want children.

What do scientists say about them?

These people live the longest. On average, they live about 160 days longer than those born in the spring. The reason for this is the light they receive during pregnancy and early development.


If you were born in November, the number 11 is important to you. You are empathetic. However, sometimes your sensitivity can overwhelm you and lead to stress and psychological problems, such as fatigue and depression. You are often an example to others and would be a great teacher.

Properties of people born in November

They have a lot of ideas. They are difficult to understand. Unique and brilliant. They can be good doctors. Mysterious. They are always thinking of something. They don’t talk much. Brave and generous. Patient. They want to be alone and think differently from others. Romantic. Uncertain in relationships. They can’t control their emotions.

What do scientists say about them?

People born in November are pessimistic. The reason for this is because they lack dopamine, the “happiness hormone”, which is also linked to exposure to light after birth.


If you were born in December, your number is 12. You are a philosopher. You are also very lucky, so love and wealth easily come to you. You have an active social life. The problem with you is that you consider yourself too happy, and sometimes you take big risks. The key to your success is to realize that you are not immortal.

Properties of people born in December

Loyal and generous. Patriots. Ambitious and want to socialize. Honest. They have a short temperament.

What do scientists say about them?

People born this month are more likely to have asthma or allergies. Perhaps the reason for this is because they are born when flu and other viruses have the greatest swing. Lack of light in the first months of life can cause bipolar disorder in these people.

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