night owl

Pick one owl and read your night message


A feeling of lightness, of freedom awaits you. You are the type of person who needs a lot of personal space. You need the freedom to do things your own way, on your own. You want to cement the path you are taking, and add many different shortcuts to achieving the intended goal.

You do not want to feel trapped. You are very independent, sometimes even rebellious. But you do not want quarrels and you avoid confrontations. Behave passively, ignoring something or someone just to avoid an argument. You hate when someone is in a hurry, you love when you do things slowly and enjoy them. You are too busy enjoying your life and do not want to draw other people’s attention to yourself.


Your path is secret. You are the type of person who loves to travel alone. You want to observe, think and analyze and sort out everything that bothers you in your head. You want to move on a path that is designed for one person. You will see others when they reach you, but you only need time for yourself.

You are original and have a strong intuition. You observe the world in a unique way, and people admire your outlook on life. Most of the time you are alone, but not lonely. You can connect well with others around you if you take the time. You have a great understanding of other people’s problems.


Your future is very colorful. You are a person who easily surrenders to the pleasures, people and situations around you. You can easily animate. You want to be part of the world, you want to experience it for yourself. Your future is filled with color, excitement and beauty. What matters to you is the journey, not the destination. You are curious and always excited to learn and share something new.

You love when you first start a conversation and ask a lot of questions. You are intellectual and humorous. You constantly make people laugh around you, that’s why they love you in their company.


Your path to the future is exciting. He is always moving forward in life, even in the unknown. Take bold steps and deal with the consequences later. Your future is unpredictable and a little scary. You are drawn to the unknown.

You constantly break the rules and usually do not worry about it. You are known for acting first and then thinking. But somehow things turn out as they should in the end. You are spontaneous and need adrenaline. You want to live life to the fullest.


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