Pick a Angel Warrior to Get a Protective Message

Pick an Angel to Get a Message For Protection

Angels need your permission to help you create positive changes in your life. By selecting a card, you are allowing your Angels to bring you guidance and love. Pick an Angel to Get a Message For Protection.

Pick an Angel to Get a Message For Protection

1.There is so much going on in your life and the world around you. Your AngelsΒ would like to help bring in more peace byΒ cleansing and recharging your energy. Ask for their assistance.

Peace can come in small increments at first.Β Spend time to clear your mind and observeΒ the wonders of God around you. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breath. Sit like this for a few moments each day.

The simple steps to start quieting your mind will allowΒ you to be calm in chaos, so you can respond, rather thanΒ react during life’s challenges.


2. Your Angels have heard your request for knowledge.

When you have questions, call on God’sΒ Angels. They have been blessed with access to theΒ β€œWisdom of Universe” and they willΒ help you find your key to unlock the answers.

By giving your Angels permission to help you with β€œWisdom,” you will be prepared to make decisions with clarity and understanding from a much broader perspective. Your Angels will help you to navigate divine knowledge for your highest good.


3. Follow your own intuition to acknowledge your messages.Β Your guidance may come to you through β€œsigns.” Stay in the present moment to be receptive to see them. Your message may alsoΒ come as β€œknowing” without understandingΒ how you know.

Alternative Meaning:Β You are a teacher/leader, step into your role. Write the book you have been thinking about. Trust your intuition.

I clearly receiveΒ the β€œWisdom” givenΒ to me through the Divine Guidance of God’s Angels.


4. You have a maternal side to you that naturally cares for those in need, yet this must be balanced with receptivity or the flow is blocked.

Receiving is the essence of feminine energy, and it means allowing yourself to receive with grace and gratitude.

If you feel guilty when asking others for help, or if you feel bad about receiving gifts, then you block your feminine energy.

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