Pick a Symbol to Receive a Wise Advice

Pick a Symbol to Receive a Wise Advice

Take a good look at the photo. Analise the symbols and choose the one that got your attention first. After you have chosen your favorite one, read below your wise advice.


Target your energy to positive things today. Give a compliment, encourage your colleague, feed a homeless man, donate unnecessary clothes, give a hug … You can make many people happy, you just want to.

Do not worry about what people will say to you tonight. Most of the looks directed at you will be full of envy.


Today you will want to take what belongs to you and you will not make compromises. You will be opposed to all those who want to stand you on the road, and your motivation to reach the summit will admire.

The most sensitive bulls will have the best moments tonight. You will connect with people because you can honestly feel their emotions.


Patience, patience. Today, do not let your mouth mumbling words that you do not think only because someone is pulling you out of the way. Show style, calmness and moderation even when you come to cope with nervousness.

Only with positive changes in your character, you can cause positive changes in the world. If you want to save others, you must first save yourself.

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