Pick a Symbol to Get a Future Prediction

Pick a Symbol to Get a Future Prediction

Once you have control of the craft, you can create powerful sigil signs for different aspects of life. With some quiet meditation, and then writing down your goal in a sentence. Pick a Symbol to Get a Future Prediction

Pick a Symbol to Get a Future Prediction

1.The fact that you have chosen this picture suggests that you need to get rid of the city noise right now.All you have to do is break up and temporarily forget about problems and troubles in order to find peace. You need time to sort out your feelings.

Go to a quiet place, walk in the woods or sit by the river and relax.


2. Your choice reveals that great changes await you in your life in the near future, and most of the changes will be of a spiritual and profound nature.

You may also experience great turmoil or surprise in your personal life.

Change the patterns of your life to reach a new level! Start each day with something new!


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3. This picture reveals that you are an incorrigible optimist. The future seems like something bright and good.

You know that things will go well, even the bad ones, so you prefer to find positive things in everything. And many people really need to learn from you.

Continue to absorb the healing power of the Sun and continue on this true path!


4. If your attention is focused on this image, then your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that it is time for a change.

In the coming days you need to get rid of the traps of old habits and start creating your new reality step by step. Now is the best time for that.

At the same time, on your way to change, remember to be grateful for everything you already have.


5. If you are attracted to this image, then you are probably a person who is always open and attentive to others.

You are always ready to understand the opponent’s arguments in any conflict. It gives you a unique opportunity to see every situation from all possible angles.

You are a very sensitive person. Discover what you want most at the moment and start dreaming!

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