In today’s test, we brought a very valuable message from your angel for the following month. To receive it, you have to choose from one of the 6 pairs of wings that we show in the image. Pick a Pair of Wings To Receive Guidance Message.

After making your choice, read on and reflect on the message that your angel has sent you, it will be essential to start the new month well.Β Here we go?

Pick a Pair of Wings To Receive Guidance Message

Wings No. 1

This angel contacts you to remind you that, even with the difficulties of life, the divine will always ensure you have the strength and the tools necessary to make your dreams come true and achieve the happiness you crave.

He asks you never to forget that life is beautiful and he warns you and there are many good things that come to you.Β Have faith, because all your efforts in the present will turn into a beautiful future!

Wings No. 2

This angel’s message for your next month is: don’t forget that love is a real force that moves the world and opens doors, even in the most difficult places. It tells you that whatever you do with love will make you a happy and prosperous person.

Make love a priority and combine it with willpower and dedication, and all doors will open for you.Β Start the month with a clean and purified heart and make love your guide, you won’t regret it!

Wings No. 3

Your angel wants me to remember your strength next month. You are a resilient and victorious person, who always manages to overcome all obstacles with skill. He knows that things are not easy, but he needs to hold on a little longer.

The change of life you desire is closer than you think, and the more faith and confidence in the divine you have right now, the faster and better things will come for you.Β Wait a little longer, because your success is coming!

Wings No. 4

For the new month, your angel wants to teach you that each of your actions is a seed that, at some point, will bear fruit and that you must do your part to make your harvest positive and happy.

Be very careful with your impulsive attitudes, they can ruin all the positive work you have done.Β Act wisely next month and you will soon be able to reap the rewards of your actions.


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Wings No. 5

Your angel contacts you to remind you that your thoughts have unlimited power and, with their help, you can get anything you want. It tells you that a confident and cheerful pattern of thinking will be critical for this new month.

The divine will give you the resources to achieve your goal, but you must also do your part, moving away from negativity and relying on your personal power and the help you will receive from heaven.Β Put positive thinking into practice and your life will start to change for the better!

Wings No. 6

The message that your angel wants to send you next month is that you will face some changes that you may not like, but which will be fundamental to obtain a better life reality.

Even if you sometimes feel angry, make an effort to remain optimistic, because these changes will lead you to a happier reality.Β You will have to deal with them in one way or another, so visualize them as a learning experience and a positive start.


So which pair of wings did you choose? What did you think of your angel’s message? Comment below on your impressions of the test!


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