Choose a Moon to Find Out What Kind of Person You Are

Pick a Moon Card to Get a Oracle Reading

The moon is a mystical, mysterious and very powerful force of this world. It can tell you what your subconscious mind wants to tell you and what you need to change for the better. Pick a Moon Card to Get a Oracle Reading

1. You are compassionate

Your sensitivity makes you a very kind, generous and loving member of society. You want to meet the needs of others. You may not have enough for yourself, but if you see that someone is hungry, then you will sacrifice your meal so that the other person is not hungry. Your selflessness is the most important characteristic that people use to describe you.

What you may be ignoring is the fact that you have your own desires, needs, feelings, talents and life. If you are constantly focused on others, you may lose who you are because you are not striving to progress, and you may even become addicted to living under the influence of those you help.

Take time for yourself and do not forget your unique values, explore and use your talents to build your own environment.

2. You are creative person

Your environment is very aesthetically pleasing and emotionally grounded. The shrewd, gentle and emotional side makes you very aware. However, your sensuality leads you to materialistic endeavors. Your life is probably made up of waves of pleasure and altruism towards others.

But mistakes in life can take you away from your full potential. Do you play games for hours, do you overeat or indulge in pleasures? All of these mistakes can easily rob you of your energy, productivity and creativity.

It suffocates your natural light and suffocates the management of life. Try to be moderate and reduce the intensity to have energy reserves for the things that are important to you in the long run, instead of practicing instant gratification.

3. You are an energetic person

You have a desire for life and a strong character. Even your temperament makes you a calm and confident worker and friend. Your energy is focused on maintaining your well-being and the well-being of your loved ones. You want to make sure everyone has everything they need. You have a strong sense of loyalty when it comes to choosing the people around you, and your relationships are never something you take for granted.

What you may be ignoring is that your strong sense of loyalty can make you distrust people you do not know. Your greatest inner fear is betrayal, and that includes betrayal of your own senses.

Lack of trust in other people can be emotionally and mentally exhausting and you often do not realize how this constant state of alertness affects your life, health and happiness. Bring peace to your life by believing that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Fill your life with confidence in your senses. Some risks are worth accepting.

4. You are the winner

Your life history is focused on purpose and achievement. Efficiency is your companion. You have a healthy amount of self-confidence that comes from your energetic and optimistic view of the world. You support security and stability and are willing to work hard to create an environment in which you feel you can thrive.

What you may be ignoring is that you are often the worst critic of yourself. Be kind to yourself even when you are wrong. Perfection is an unattainable goal because it simply does not exist.

Aim to be the best, not an imaginary infallible version of yourself that you will never reach. Learn from your mistakes and let them be the fuel you use to achieve the following successes.

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