Pick a Moon Card to Get a Spiritual Message For You

Pick a Moon and Get a Powerful Spiritual Message

Find your favorite one to receive your very important spiritual message. Pick a Moon Card to Get a Spiritual Message For You. Don’t think to much while you are choosing the right one for you.

1. Keep the prejudices away

The easiest thing is to hate her away. When no one talks about the problem and does not try to find the root, it is easier to throw the frustration through hate towards sex, race, religion, and what not yet. When you sit on a table opposite the one you hate, you will see that it is usually a human being like you and you have no right to disturb life because it belongs somewhere or made a choice.

2. Never make impulsive decisions

When did you make a smart decision at times when you were overwhelmed by emotions? Wrath and anger make you think unruly, and then you generally think of how to harm someone or hastily resolve the problem. In such moments you can only make double damage.

3. Stop shouting “yes” to everything

Feeling worried about a conscience when someone asks you for something and it’s uncomfortable for you to refuse anything? This does not mean that you need to start ignoring those who have problems, but it would not be bad to see your situation and see if you are always able to fix things for the other one. And there is one thing that hardly anyone will recognize – if you learn that you are always here for everything, people will always ring at your door.

4. Start paying more attention to people and circumstances

In most of the cases when you behave badly to someone, from the waiter who left your order, to the quarrel with your partner, you are never quite aware of the position of the person standing opposite you. You are furious, you want to make justice and that’s it. Not so. When we only take into account what happens to a man during the day or in general, how he feels then would not be so strict. But you can not know that? Then at least note that the circumstances are not always the way you think.

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