Surrounded by various myths and legends, the lotus is considered divine and one of nature’s mystical creations, that represents the purity of the mind and soul. Pick a Lotus to Reveal Your Spirit Message.

Pick a Lotus to Reveal Your Spirit Message.


Don’t trust yourself to make good decisions. Instead, design your environment so the right decision requires the least amount of effort. This might mean you avoid bringing unhealthy food into your home or you turn down a job offer where you may be pressured to compromise your morals. Whatever the case, you’ll have a better chance of making a good decision by setting up the right inputs rather than relying on yourself to create the right outputs.

You need to focus on taking responsibility for things that are not going to plan and to stop spreading your time and energy amongst people and situations that are no longer serving your higher purpose.



Whenever you’re embarrassed by your own ignorance in a certain subject, resist the urge to convince yourself that it doesn’t matter. Instead, try reading a book about it. Then you can decide whether it’s important.

The time is now to become in sync with the Universe and all that it holds for you and the only way you can do this is by reflecting within. Monitor your thoughts today but try not to engage or judge them, get back to your core self and be conscious of when your ego is at play.



It is time to connect. To connect to those around you, to connect to your self and to connect to nature. You are not alone, you are part of the great web of the Universe and you must remember that everyone, everything- plant, animal or otherwise is connected by a greater force.

You can feel it, sometimes you can even see it, but now it’s time to put it into practice.Β Remove the mask you have been wearing and allow yourself to make a real, true connection.

Start with yourself and then explode outwards. Connect with plants, animals and then finally, you will be ready to make a real connection with others.



Do something spontaneous, or plan an adventure or overseas trip. You have much to learn from taking time out of your day to do something that is just completely pleasurable.

Feel no guilt because this is what life is all about!Β Reward your body with some clean, organic food, reward your mind with some fun stimulation and reward your heart with the joy of your friends and family.

Often we forget the power of a smile and the power of laughter.Β No matter what your external situation is, remember that finding joy in everything can do a world of good for you and the rest of the world.



If you are having relationship problems or issues at work, chances are all you need to do is connect. Try seeing things from their point of view. Step out of your ego, into consciousness and ask, how can I connect to this situation to bring about the highest good?

You have been working hard and now its time for you to play, rest and relax! Take some time out of your day to enjoy the sunshine and rekindle your inner child.

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