Pick a Feather to Get a Intuitive Reading

Pick a Feather to Get a Intuitive Reading

Intuitive readings always appear when you seek for answers form the universe. Pick a Feather to Get a Intuitive Reading. Share for good luck!

1. You need to be aware that sometimes nice changes happen in life. Do not be afraid of them and do not hesitate to accept them! You do not always have to resist them. In addition, on the way to achieving your goals do not be afraid to open the door and step forward into the unknown. You will probably need to become a little more selfish in this whole process and take your needs into account more often!

2. This feather tells you not to rush. Remember that everything happens in its own time and that nothing is accidental. Be patient, consistent and make sure everything goes according to your plans. In addition, be patient and considerate of your loved ones as they are your greatest support.

It’s time to think about your life. If your daily routine makes you tired and reluctant, remember that everything is in your hands and that only you can change your life.

3. Sometimes you see only the good in the person and all his potential, so it is difficult for you to stop idealizing the person, especially if the relationship becomes toxic. When that happens, try to keep the relationship “alive” for as long as possible.

This is due to your fear that you will be lonely or that you will not find someone’s approval. If you see the warning signs in time, you will spare yourself from pain and disappointment. This challenge can be related to any of your relationships, whether it is your relationship with friends, partner, family or colleagues.

4. Do not be afraid to accept new ideas and plans. Remember that your happiness will come only if you listen to the inner voice. Besides, good news awaits you in the near future!

In your previous life you went through many difficult situations, and reckless decisions brought you unfortunate results. It is your decisions that put you and others at risk, both financially and physically. These mistakes, in turn, greatly affect your low self-esteem in this life. Remember that there are several ways to solve this problem.

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For example, take time to think carefully about your decisions, highlighting all the wise and successful actions you have taken in the past. Another way is not to look for too many other people’s opinions and advice. Otherwise, it will only make you feel even more confused.

5. You have been the victim of fraud and manipulation many times in your past life. This is what “taught” you to stay away from others and that is why sometimes you do not know who to trust. In this life you will meet people who will test the trust you feel in them. The most important thing is to pay attention to your intuition and trust people when they show you as they are.

Remember that the signs are always here, maybe not at the beginning, but they are there. It’s best to take the time to connect with people as you meet them. After about 3 months, you will have a clear enough picture of what type of people they are, and then you can decide if they deserve to be your friends or acquaintances.

6. In the coming days, new challenges await you that will force you to postpone your current responsibilities. This, in turn, will tempt you to overindulge in caffeine, sugar and energy drinks.

Try to continue with a healthy diet and drink more fluids like water with lemon or ginger. Remember that diet and a healthy lifestyle help reduce stress and anxiety from daily work responsibilities. Keep your focus on the regeneration of your soul and body during this beautiful and harmonious period. It will help you recover from all the challenges you have had to face.

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  1. Thanks so much! Everything hit home I was very surprise. I definitely need to think before I leap.

  2. Hi, I come no 3 feather and it was absolutely spot on. Thank you so very much for that I really appreciated it

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