Pick a Feather to Get a Angel Reading

Pick a Feather to Get a Angel Reading

Look at the picture. Which feather attracts you? Let your intuition reveal the message that will lead you on the right path. Pick a Feather to Get a Angel Reading.

Pick a Feather to Get a Angel Reading

1. Life may seem difficult to you now, but in your situation there is a divine plan. What appears to be chaos is often the forces of angels in action. As soon as the storm passes, you will be taken in a new direction. This will be a period of renewal of health, of joy and of abundance.

Pick Wings to Get a Healing Message

2. Wake up! Believe that all the confusions or changes you have experienced are part of a healthy transition. Let these changes happen and seek the support of your angels. Expect a miracle! You prayed for help and your prayers will be answered. The sooner you leave your condition to God, the sooner you will recover.

3. You used to care about other people’s needs, but now is the time to take care of yourself. It’s time to rest. You will be more efficient and productive once you give yourself the rest you need.

4. Be aware of your thoughts. The time between your thought and its appearance in the physical world will be fast! It is important to have a clear understanding of what you want to manifest in life.

5. You are required to adjust to the natural rhythms and cycles of your life. Be optimistic and initiate change. Hope for the best possible outcome. It is time for new beginnings. You will have many opportunities for a fresh start. Find the inner strength and courage to enter the unknown. Pay attention to the signs that appear to you and use the moment!

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