Pick a Crystal to Receive a Oracle Reading

Pick a Crystal to Receive a Oracle Reading

Oracles were thought to be portals through which the gods spoke directly to people. In this sense they were different from seers (manteis, μάντΡις) who interpreted signs sent by the gods through bird signs, animal entrails, and other various methods. Pick a Crystal to Receive a Oracle ReadingChoose your crystal to receive Oracle reading.

1.Β Β You have enough energy today, so you must not retreat due to insecurity or laziness. In the workplace of great importance will be to bring your opinion to the superiors. You are privately calm and emotional, and it will bring you deeper relationships with friends and your partner.

2.Β Today you are not afraid of the changes that you will face, all will be in your favor. You do not work in large groups because you lack patience. Expect tense moments that will be most easily overcome if you look a little more at the words.

3.Β Today, do not neglect the tasks and obligations, because whatever your mood may be, you are in conflict with the superiors. This is a favorable day for changes and work-related progress and finances. Be selective to whom you entrust love secrets and troubles.

4.Β Do not worry and regret situations that you can not change. Find a hobby in which you will direct the negative energy.Β Β Today you will be tough and harsh with the words, so carefully your criticism will not hurt a longtime friend or colleague.Β It is time to give up love habits that unnecessarily create tension. Do not be stubborn.

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7 Replies to “Pick a Crystal to Receive a Oracle Reading”

  1. I am working on receiving the change that is coming for me. I feel it transforming and I want it really bad I am past due. I am letting go and letting others have the lead no more confusion and trying to help others from bumping there head and making others see my point. Make long story short and reminding myself no more taking people to school to learn what I already know. Change in me is what it will take. If not a life threatening issue I am stepping back and taking better care of TaLisa and that also includes my children and grandchildren. It has to be about God and TaLisa from death due me part my health is not getting better by taking care of others. I have a desire to live alil long. I am going to quit smoking too without a doubt.

  2. I choose nr 1 and this is true, with me most of the time when I do things like these , the answer has
    already happened, like only a short time before. Thank you for this, it is like a reasurance that this
    is how it is to be , and this is the right way

  3. I chose 1 and the explanation above really resonates with me with the current projects I am occupied with. Hmm…this is interesting. Would love to know more.

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