Pick a Crystal to Get a Very Important Message

Do you feel as if you are stuck and, whatever you do, stand still at the same time? Most likely your answer is in front of your eyes, but for some inexplicable reason you simply can not see it. Choose the one that attracts you most and find out what the time has finally come to your life …

1. Get rid of what prevents you from shining
Finally, it’s time to get rid of what’s pulling you back. Stop focusing on how or when you solve the problem, and even how it came about. Just get rid of all the unhealthy and non-fulfilling things and relationships in order to open up space for something new and better. Do not worry, listen to the intuition and everything will be fine.

2. Everything depends on you
The end result of the situation you are currently thinking is in your hands. You can influence the outcome with each decision, and nothing can prevent you from getting what you want. Simply believe in yourself, because you already have everything you need to get what you want. Also, do not wait for someone else to assume responsibility. This situation requires your experience to reach the desired conclusion.

3. Forgive those who have sinned
Forgiveness can cause miracles. When you get rid of the past, a great deal of weight will move away from your shoulders, and the feeling of freedom will overwhelm you. Let yourself enjoy these moments. This picture can also point to the fact that it is necessary to forgive yourself, and to get rid of all the feelings of guilt that burn you from within.

4. Trust
This is the right time for confidence. Sometimes there is no answer to the questions, and there are situations in which you simply do not know what will happen. But if you have confidence in yourself, as in your loved ones, your life will go in a much better direction. There will always be surprises, but with the support of the people around you, everything will be easier to overcome.

6 Replies to “Pick a Crystal to Get a Very Important Message”

  1. # 2 I picked and it is perfect for me at this time. And yes I will get what I want —— when I am ready I almost Always Do…
    Thank you.

  2. Hi there my name is Brenda and really like to know why i am not lucky like other people i am still don’t have my own place and working for nothing because I can’t even rent or buy a house for me and my kids

  3. As couples we have been stagnated for 9years and 5 months. No child, no personal property, no promotion, no good job. Only persecution, hatred, betrayal, conspiracies, false accusations, satanic torments /oppressions, victimization,etc.what can be the cause and also the solution to all these problems,

  4. This is really nice. I have really been on a project which is not working out and life seems to be a stand still. What ever I try just stand still. I have been depending on others for help to accomplish my project and succeed in life.
    Now I know what to do.
    Thanks greatly.

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