Choose a Crystal to Get a Energy Reading

Pick a Crystal to Get a Energy Reading

Boost your energy with this quick energy reading. Choose a Crystal to Get a Energy Reading. Share your results with your friends and family. Enjoy!

1.Β The sun will boil, at least it will be in your life. Problems will begin to be solved one by one, the dark clouds will split over your head, and the sun’s rays will warm the face. Your inner satisfaction will be immense. Start clearing the clutter around you to make room for the new year’s gifts.


2.Β Most often you avoid the spotlight in company, but today’s day will be different. You will joke on your account, you will organize games and you will laugh contagiously, spreading a festive atmosphere around you. Surprise a beloved person with an unexpected visit to her home. Give her a small gift of great importance.


3. This day will make you more emotional than usual, so you will be inclined to make scenarios that will probably never happen and tear them down. Stop it! Do not you see that no one around you is trying to hurt you, but to make you happy. The world is wonderful, you just need to remove the veil from before your eyes and look at it as it is.


4.Β  Do not tie the truth to people in sweet packing, because today they will need your sincerity, not your diplomacy. If someone asks for your opinion, say it, without circumvention’s and reservations. Trust your instincts when you meet new people. The wolf is sometimes hiding under lambskin.


5.Β The attack is sometimes the best defense, but not today, not for you. Today you will not feel at all that you need to defend yourself or hide from the world, because you will feel loved in it. You will even see critics as benevolent advice. At the step of the new year, you will change as a person in a wonderful way. The world will suddenly become much brighter for you.

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