Pick a Card to Get a Egyptian Tarot Reading

Pick a Card to Get a Egyptian Tarot Reading

The Egyptian tarot is said to be more realistic than the other tarot types and easier to interpret for readers. Pick a Card to Get a Egyptian Tarot Reading

The Egyptian tarot is one of the oldest that exists, in fact, it is said that the reading of the Egyptian tarot became a way of understanding the occult and the art of divination.

In ancient Egypt, it was very normal to consult the cards to predict the future and they believed blindly what the cards said, since it was a very superstitious civilization.

Do you want to know what the cards reveal about your future? You just have to choose one of those 3 cards to find out.

1. The Moon

The Moon has a great influence both on nature and on people, since, according to the ancient myths, it was capable of transforming any person by bringing out their worst instincts.

With this card, your passion is exalted and elevated, but also your jealousy, and not only towards your partner. If you feel resentment towards any person, it emerges even more under the influence of this card.

The card of the Moon, tells you that you will have to think calmly before solving any problem because, although it assures you success, if you don’t consider your decision carefully, you can fail in the attempt. Have patience to see the results of your actions because they will arrive slowly.

2. The High Priest

The Hierarch is represented by the god Anubis, lord of the necropolis, protector of souls and secrets, and the one who is present in the judgment of souls. Anubis is also known as the Guide, because he is the one who leads the souls to their eternal rest, or to their punishment for the acts committed during their life on earth.

If you are inclined towards evil and do bad things, there will be an eternal punishment without mercy for your soul, but if you do good deeds and your heart weighs more it will bring happiness and prosperity in your life.

This card, teaches you to assess what happens in your life and to see the good side of things. You are aware that every act has a consequence but, your instinct, leads you to find balance and perfect harmony.

3. The Triumph

This letter symbolizes the end of a battle. After a long struggle, you arrive triumphant, just like in your card, crowned by the sun.

During your battle, in which you have shed too many tears, you have felt nothing, and you were dead inside, but now, you came back to live again and find joy and happiness in the little things.

This letter brings you good times, happiness, as well as financial success. At last your reward arrives. Now you feel that it is better if nobody gets in your way because, even though your sword is tired and worn out, it still has enough strength to continue to deliver deadly blows. You are unstoppable!

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  2. Mine was number three and it’s spot on! I had to wait several days for the card to become relevant to me, but this is GREAT NEWS! Thank you so much for posting this!

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