New Humanity: The Ascension of the Earth and the mass awakening are happening, and these are the symptoms!

This situation, which has quarantined the world, has actually allowed everyone to start making different decisions in their lives under the influence of positive energies from the Universe. The world is just changing before our eyes and we can no longer live the way we lived. Planet Earth with its Ascension into a higher dimension helped us in the process of awakening, because by increasing the Schumann resonance it increased its vibration which is no longer constant 7.83 Hz as it was thousands of years ago, but values are now over 40 Hz, which is characteristic of The Fifth Dimension. This high vibration is now causing changes in the body of all people helping people to start waking up en masse and asking themselves the right questions.

We have stepped into the New Existence. From now on we no longer live in duality and our lives are starting to change fundamentally. So, in order for us as humans to continue our life on Planet Earth, we can no longer live on the old paradigms on which human civilization rested, but need to adopt new principles based on new facts.

All this new knowledge that many people have realized themselves and live these new principles, we all need to pass on to the whole world, because most people still live according to the paradigms of the three-dimensional reality in which they were born. These are all those we need to help understand that the world is no longer the same.

Part of the new truth is that Planet Earth itself as a living being began the process of regeneration a few years ago and is now coming to an end, and the other is that many facts have been misrepresented to us humans in order to deceive us and holds in obedience. So it could be said that much of what we learned in school was untrue, because it all put people in the position of β€œvictims” rather than the powerful beings we are.

The untruths that were presented to us affect all the pores of society, so in the next period we will urgently need to change all the beliefs that we have acquired as we grow up and adopt everything new. This applies to our entire existence and it is crucial that people start telling the truth. It is necessary to introduce a new way of life from the basics.

We need to accept a new way of treating each other, where everyone will know that everything in our lives should be the result of our free will. We need to learn to value the life given to us. That’s why our focus should be on health, not on disease and treating people, because our body is so perfect that it can only regenerate, but provided it gets everything it needs for it.

By emphasizing plant foods that have extremely gentle energy, we ensure life and work at full capacity. Therefore, we need to adapt the action of both medicine and pharmacy, which should also accept human life as the greatest value in the Universe. That is why profit must never be our priority again. For this reason, medicine should help patients to overcome their imbalance in the body, and not to continue to treat people by moving the symptoms but not the cause of the disease.

With the approach so far, patients have developed chronic diseases throughout their lives and become lifelong users of the pharmaceutical industry. At the center of change we need to put an understanding of who we are. We need to help each individual to understand himself so that he knows who he is and that he can answer three main questions through his own change:

Β Β Β Β  Who am I?
Why am I here?
What can I do at this point?


The Ascension of Planet Earth and our personal transformation


That is why right now Planet Earth with its Ascension in a higher dimension helped us in the process of awakening, because by increasing Schumann resonance it increased its vibration which is no longer constant 7.83 Hz as it was thousands of years ago, but values are now over 40 Hz, which is characteristic of the Fifth Dimension. Measurements in some days showed measured values of over 100 Hz, while the highest was 158 Hz.

This high vibration of Planet Earth is now causing changes in the bodies of all people helping them to more easily get rid of everything that no longer serves us. These energies have helped people start waking up en masse and asking themselves the right questions, the ones that are really important for sustaining our lives and the personal happiness of each individual. Under the influence of high vibration our bodies began to change, so that instead of a carbon structure we now get a crystalline structure.


Symptoms of body change


Our DNA also changes because all 12 chains are activated, which will allow us to activate all our innate abilities. Through its action, Planet Earth causes a number of symptoms in us that encourage us to detoxify our body, accept healthy habits in eating, exercising, and resting. The symptoms most people feel are sometimes reminiscent of flu symptoms and many can’t even relate their condition to the amazing transformation of us as human beings as we become more empathetic, so the whole process we are going through now raises us to a higher level of existence.

Among the most common symptoms I would mention headache, especially pain in the third eye, ringing in the ears, various body aches, chronic fatigue, anxiety, restlessness, sleep problems so we can start sleeping over 12 hours, and completely lose the need to sleep , then pain in the spine and legs, heavy legs, dizziness, confusion, forgetfulness, loss of orientation and a sense of loss of time, vivid dreams, increased dehydration and others.

All of this should by no means worry us and there is no need for any fear as long as we take care of ourselves with increased attention. Therefore, it is advisable to include complete stress avoidance throughout this transformation period and consume as much water as possible.

Be as gentle with yourself as possible, sleep more and rest to integrate new energies into your body. If we use computer vocabulary, it is as if we now have an upgrade of all our programs. When we accept all this physically, we will begin to live on a higher level because the possibilities of our cognition will expand to us.


Discovering your potential


All of these energies cleanse our physical body of toxins, but they also allow us to release all the blocked emotions that are still present in our body. In this way our body becomes lighter and more airy, and the energy of life now passes through us with ease. Our goal is to completely remove from ourselves all the limiting beliefs by which we have blocked ourselves and have only procrastinated living our lives.

We have always been at the service of others, and we have never seen ourselves important enough to fully stand up for ourselves. That is why these energies “open our eyes” so that we are more aware of our power every day. We let go of everything that prevented us from seeing in ourselves that energy of life that lives through all beings, through everything we see, and that we know that it is given to us to choose the experiences we want.

We have never felt that we are important, but now is the time to know that with our thoughts and actions we are acting on the whole world. Until now we could not realize that we are all networked and that the most important thing now is to learn to manage our thoughts which are pure energy, to become aware that we always create with our thoughts. We need to ask ourselves what is the product of the energy radiating from us. We only had problems in life when we didn’t understand that power of ours. We did not know that we had blocked ourselves and that we had never fully developed our innate potentials such as intuition, the ability to telepathy, clairvoyance, bilocation, and many others.

We now reject the beliefs we worked by in order to survive. People were never meant to be enslaved to the system and now we are correcting that. Now, with our free will, we begin to create our lives based on love, joy and peace as the fundamental right of every individual.

When people live what makes them happy and joyful, they bring the energy of love into it and simply radiate, and that is the only contribution that each of us should make to this world. Only in this way will everyone contribute to the well-being of themselves and the whole world with their lives. That is why now is the time when the New Paradigms should be applied, because when the New Humanity begins to form as a community of strong and free individuals, the common consciousness of all of us as One Organism will be formed.

Through our connection, New Humanity will actually create a new form of life, a new entity in which one consciousness runs through all of us. That is why we all now act as our cells in the body do. They all work for the well-being of the body, they are all conscious and the goal of every cell is for our whole organism to function perfectly.

So now we all together allow this Divine Spark to work freely through each of us and guide us with its consciousness and immeasurable intelligence so that all our choices we make every day from now on are in harmony with the well-being of the whole world, including taking care of all possible life. which exists, for all plants, all animals as well as the health of the entire Planet Earth. The planet is returning to the Paradise state, and it is up to us to make it happen. So far we have lived in our visions and we wanted these changes with our hearts, and now is the time to live that way.


We start being unconditional love


That is why this situation, which has quarantined the world, has actually enabled everyone to start making different decisions in their lives under the influence of positive energies from the Universe. Now we have all been given the opportunity to ask ourselves what are the true values that each of us has and that should be lived. In fact, we had problems because we did not live who we are, when we act out life through the various roles we perform.

The world is just changing before our eyes and we can no longer live the way we lived in three-dimensional reality, living to earn a living. We are meant to live in order to rejoice and to do everything out of love, because love is the energy of existence that lives through us. We haven’t let her guide us so far.

If we look at small children, they are pure love. There is not a shred of evil in them. They don’t hate anyone, they’re not interested in skin color or nationality as well as any diversity they learn later growing up. How would it be from now on all over the world to start teaching all children love, tolerance, peace, joy… Teach them that we are all the same and that we are all equal so that all children from now on adopt the truth that we are never separated from each other and that it is unconditional love that energy that keeps us all alive.

It is the upbringing of children that is the most important link that we now need to change in order for the entire human civilization to develop in the right direction. We all need to change as adults, and especially young parents as well as all grandparents, in fact all those who are in contact with children to enable these little people to never lose their carefree, unconditional love and joy with which they were born.

That is why we now face the challenge of actually changing the whole of society through our personal change. In this way, every individual who wakes up would become an example in his family and the wider community, and in this way he would actually help everyone else in his environment to realize their value as a human being. To feel the power of that unconditional love that lives in ourselves and to start expressing their creativity, to start living only what makes them happy, because by doing so they would focus only on those activities that allow them to be beings of love.

In personal contacts, socializing and rejoicing together, we unlock these dormant codes for each other and thus initiate each other into the being of love, because when we are happy and full of delight, we radiate that unconditional love around us. Our aura stretches several meters around us, so it touches and mixes with everyone we come in contact with.

As we are now in a process where we are all opening our hearts to shine that Divine Spark out of it, we are increasingly connecting and networking into a single network that now encompasses the entire world. We now connect with our hearts into One!


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