NASA says: E.T. could already be among us and we wouldn’t know

NASA says: E.T. could already be among us

In episode 146, late in the show Star Trek – the next generation, its writers finally address the obvious science fiction question: How does it not matter where we go, aliens look roughly like us? Obviously, the real answer is that they are played by human actors, but science fiction has helped instill in us the prevailing bias towards the expectation that extraterrestrial beings have arms, legs, heads, not to mention vertebrates, skin, and so on. Little green men are men.

But even on earth, we are not the norm. Are there many more insects than humans, and in the oceans? Fog Think of giant worms.

Riftia (NOAA PHOTO LIBRARY) Consider siphnophorae.

Physonectofonfor (KEVIN RASKOF)


Why on earth should aliens look like us and even be recognizable as living beings in our limited imagination? How do we know they no longer live among us, floating, flying and flying nearby?

The director of NASA’s Institute of Astrobiology, Penelope Boston, recently delivered a keynote address at the NASA Symposium on Innovative Advanced Concepts.

“It’s not like you can enter a new environment with your beautiful robot on another planet, look at the earth and walk, that is life! Instead, ‘God, it’s something blue, and there’s a copper signal, and I don’t know’ – and then you have to examine. ”

Boston showed the public its gallery of land-dwelling creatures found in caves.

Latelatinous Glop and Friends (PENELOP BOSTON)


Boston presents this as a major challenge for astrobiology: Simply the ability to recognize life when we see it. Our genetic tools fail when it comes to examining unknown forms, and with its sense that life outside the world can be weird and microbial, we basically will not know who to meet.

It is not that with limited knowledge we can determine with certainty the conditions that support life. In harsh environments around the world, we find living beings where today’s understanding tells us it can not be.

The astrobiologist ended his conversation by warning that it is better to devise technology for recognizing life in any form, before we meet aliens. If we are not already.

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