Find your Guardian Angel using your Birth Date

Find your Guardian Angel using your Birth Date

Life comes with a lot of troubles. We need someone to protect us and give us the strength to overcome them. Finding your own Guardian Angel will tell you who will be there for you at all times. Find your Guardian Angel using your Birth Date.

Let’s find out which one is yours!

4 Steps to find out your Guardian Angel from your Date of Birth:


Note down your Birth date in the format of dd/mm/yyyy.


Add the numbers from left to right, for example, 22/08/1991 = 2+2+8+1+9+9+1 = 32.


Add the result to reduce to only one digit, 3+2 = 5. Thus, the person has a 5 lifepath in terms of Numerology. That’s how you find your own lifepath.

Having a repetitive number in Step 2, like 11, 22, 33 or 44 means you’ve got a Master lifepath! Do not add it up again.


Now according to your lifepath, look through the list to find out which one is you Guardian Angel!

Archangels according to Lifepath:

With each Archangel’s name number, a keyword and their respective vibrations (in brackets) have been given below.

ONE, your Archangel is Raguel (28/10/1),
Keyword β€“β€˜Hero’. Having 1 lifepath makes you β€˜The Pioneer’! When you need to be strong, call Raguel to give you the courage to defend yourself.

TWO and ELEVEN, your Archangel is Uriel (29/11/2),
Keyword – β€˜Light’. The 2 lifepath is β€˜The Peacemaker’ and master lifepath 11 is β€˜The Holy Messenger’. Uriel will show you the light through the darkness. He gives good judgement and power to think clearly.

THREE, your Archangel is Jophiel (39/12/3),
Keyword – β€˜Freedom’. Since you have 3 lifepath, you’re β€˜The Communicator/ The Artist’. Jophiel gives enthusiasm, creative ideas, and happiness. He will motivate you to complete your unfinished work.


FOUR and TWENTY-TWO, your Archangel is Haniel (31/4),
Keyword – β€˜Garden’. You have 4 lifepath as β€˜The Builder’ and master 22 lifepath as β€˜The Master Builder’. Haniel will give you suggestions for improvement and motivate you to grow.

FIVE, your Archangel is Jeremiel (41/5),
Keyword -β€˜Pyramid’ or β€˜Yin Yang’. Having 5 lifepath makes you β€˜The Rebel’. Jeremiel will give you the determination to face your problems.

SIX and THIRTY-THREE, your Archangel is Michael (33/6),
Keyword – β€˜Teacher’. Having 6 lifepath makes you β€˜The Lover’. If you have master 33 as lifepath, you are β€˜Master Teacher’. The head angel Michael can be summoned by all. He will be the destroyer of negativity around you.

SEVEN, your Archangel is Raphael (34/7),
Keyword – β€˜Pleasure’. You have 7 lifepath, as β€˜The Seeker’. Raphael will give you comfort and fitness. He understands what your body needs and lets you act according to it.

EIGHT and FORTY-FOUR, your Archangel is Raziel (35/8),
Keyword – β€˜Waterfall’. Getting 8 lifepath or master 44 lifepath, makes you β€˜The Boss’. Raziel will boost your instincts. He helps you to see and think clearly.

NINE, your Archangel is Ariel (27/9),
Keyword – β€˜School’ or β€˜Leader’. If you’ve got 9 lifepath, summon Ariel to guide you in your life when you contribute to your society. Ariel helps you protect the world around you.

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