Faith, love or strength? Choose a picture and discover what is most important to you now

Faith, love or strength: In your opinion, in what area do you need wisdom and guidance the most? Choose a picture that “calls” you, and then read your message. This test will help you calm your heart and move forward with more confidence.

1. Faith

You are the man God has chosen to change the world. The goodness of your heart and empathy make that clear.

You have recently encountered problems in your personal life, you have been criticized, you have experienced embarrassing jokes and sabotage, all of which make you doubt your worth and the goals you are moving towards. Do not succumb to these influences.

Weak people always try to benefit at the expense of other people. God is always on your side, He won’t let bad things keep happening to you. Have faith in yourself and know that you will win! Spread your light around the world!

2. Love

You are a person who understands the meaning of love and loves to spread that feeling all over the world, making the lives of others much better. Your presence is enough to illuminate any path and is an inspiration of hope in people’s hearts.

However, you often feel very lonely and wrong. Blame yourself and don’t consider yourself worthy. Understand that not everyone is born with understanding and love in their heart like you, so it is unlikely that you will be loved the way you want to be. However, this does not mean that the love you receive is not true.

When you learn to accept true love, no matter how imperfect it may be, your life will improve significantly. Open your heart and indulge in surprise!

3. Strength

Your strength seems to have been tested recently. You think the problems are getting harder and you actually feel like the whole world is against you.

It is necessary to eliminate this model of thinking, because it is not your reality. And remember, “Anything that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

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