Many people are aware of highly conscious beings, they think empaths, old souls, lightworkers are all the same. This couldnโ€™t be further from the truth. Empath Old Soul Indigo & Lightworker Whatโ€™s The Real Difference?

Empath, Old Soul, Indigo & Lightworker: Whatโ€™s The Real Difference?

Once you realize the differences between these, you can not only understand your own powers but also that of those around you. You can be an empath and an introvert at the same time- it all depends on how you resonate with these.


If you can absorb other peopleโ€™s emotions easily, you are probably an empath. Most people feel sympathy for those who are suffering, empaths can feel the suffering itself. While empaths tend to jump at the first opportunity to help others, itโ€™s in their best interest to be a bit choosy. Help as many as you can, but make sure your own energy is not being drained.

Old Souls

For many of us, this life on earth is not our first experience. Old souls have spent many lifetimes on the planet. It is most noticeable in young people who appear to be wise way beyond their age. They might look young physically, but their soul is much older than othersโ€™.


Unlike the other kinds of people mentioned here, introversion is actually a character trait. Introverts are those who prefer to avoid the crowds and spend time alone. Itโ€™s not like they avoid human contact altogether- they have their own group of friends and donโ€™t like to entertain large crowds.

Highly Sensitive People

A highly sensitive personโ€™s reaction to stimuli is more potent than other humans. Not just physical, the stimuli can be mental or emotional too, and due to the intensity with which they experience, things can easily turn overwhelming for such highly sensitive people. They should be very careful about the kind of crowd they involve themselves with as it can easily drain them.


Much like empaths, lightworkers too can experience the pain of others. They resonate more with frequencies and energies, unlike empaths who resonate with emotions. These awakened souls have the responsibility to bring others to the light.

Indigo Children

Indigo children are not necessarily children by age. Indigos were brought to Earth from their world to carry out some duties. They are here to awaken us and bring about some changes. Their great intuitive powers usually guide them.

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