Choose one of the 4th CHAKRAS – and solve your basic life problems

CHAKRAS – the main vital centers for supplying the body with energy

We all have an inner world and there is no need to doubt that. Understanding the chakras is one of the most effective ways to reach the different levels of awareness available to us. Our chakras they open the way to identifying the type of energy we experience as an experience.

In Eastern medicine and philosophy, which long before the West discovered that “everything is energy”, the chakras or energy centers have been established and recognized for thousands of years, and today more and more respected in Western culture as well.

The first – the basic chakra (root chakra) is red

It lies at the beginning of the pelvis and on the physical level this chakra is responsible for proper functioning and it is associated with the rectum and the release of toxins from the body, and the secretion of adrenal glands, which means it controls the pelvis and kidneys. It affects the amount of physical energy and will to live, ie. by preservation, survival, and landing.

The open first or base chakra at its vibratory level develops an instinct for survival and

security, allows you to recognize in yourself what your real need is in life and attract

such life situations with the help of which you would find enough strength and resources in and around you to realize them. You develop an instinct for reality and with both feet you stand stably on

country, removes your fears and blockages related to retaining old thoughts and old problems.

The root chakra strengthens, liberates and channels your artistic creation and creative expression

(writing painting, sculpting music, new thoughts ideas, inventions). In this chakra lies the kundalini

energy, a strong creative force that helps the harmonious work of all chakras, relieves stress and it acts to raise awareness to higher spiritual levels.

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There is mental and physical fatigue, lethargy, fear, lack of self-confidence. There is a man

the feeling that the outside world is something terrible, that no one cares about it and that it is completely in the world

alone. A blocked first chakra can cause: anemia, arthritis, hemorrhoids, sciatica, tumors or cancer of the that area, varicose veins, poor circulation.

The second sexual chakra is orange


It lies above the genitals, about three fingers below the navel. It works primarily on ours

emotional life, but as it is related to the reproductive organs, it also affects the ability

birth, to our action, learning and creation.

This chakra indicates our relationship to the body, sensual enjoyment, the quality of love for a partner

as well as providing and receiving physical, mental and spiritual satisfaction.

If the second chakra is open, a person feels his full strength. If it is blocked, in women

can manifest as an inability to experience orgasm and sensory enjoyment, and code

men experience premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Blockage of the second chakra can cause learning and memory difficulties, irritability, herpes,

painful and irregular menstruation, cysts, impotence in women and men (problems with


The third solar chakra is the center and power of the will – it is yellow

Awareness of the solar plexus


The third, solar, chakra lies in the stomach area, in the solar plexus.

It affects our consciousness and linear way of thinking. It is associated with the pancreas, stomach, liver, bile and nervous system. The third chakra

allows a sense of connection between the material and the etheric body.

At the center of the solar plexus is our pleasure, spiritual wisdom and awareness

universality of life. Although this is a mental chakra, its proper functioning is related to the emotional one life, that is, with universal love for everything that surrounds us. Love for all

everything. To develop the correct shape of this chakra it is necessary to develop inner spiritual activity,

control of thought through a conscious attitude towards things, control over feelings and unconscious elements in the spiritual life, so that man is completely in control of what acts on him from the outside world. And that requires great care and diligence and development

abilities of realistic analysis, since the information of unconscious memories is immensely strong here.

The child is connected to the mother by an energetic (etheric) umbilical cord in that chakra,

which is interrupted only in the event that one of the two dies.

The fourth, heart chakra is green


By sanctifying it, the human being becomes a man. Love is the foundation of this chakra.

Direct cognition. Those who reach this level of reality as well, with their delicate penetrating

insight in many areas, activities and knowledge they become guides, counselors, mentors as well as those who can solve other people’s problems.

It is said to be the initiator of love, not only for the individual but also for humanity in general.

This chakra is located in the area of ​​the heart, behind the sternum and is connected to the thymus which is in significantly affects the immune system. Since it lies in the middle, the heart chakra is especially significant because it is the conductor and mediator between other chakras. For the development of the correct shape and proper functioning of the heart chakra, it is necessary in itself develop the qualities of consistency both mental as well as consistency in deeds, then and perseverance, perseverance, tolerance, trust, ie unwavering faith in the right path and

openness to all possibilities, maintaining an even mood, life balance, either in joy or suffering.


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