Choose a Symbol to reveal a important message about your present

Ancient symbols have been a powerful tool in history. The way our minds perceive these symbols that our ancestors once used reveals many secrets about our soul. These ancient symbols have a magical pull to them, hence why they can help us uncover things that we never noticed about ourselves ever.
These following 6 ancient symbols are highly powerful. By feeling which one attracts you the most, you can discover what your soul really needs.
There is one symbol that speaks to you the most. Let its mysticism pull you. Listen to it and read below what it means.
1. Scarab
The scarab is an ancient symbol from Ancient Egypt that represents a beetle. The scarabs would emerge from waste alive, which is why the Egyptians believed that they can rise from the dead. Scarabs were a symbol of the Underworld – associated with resurrection, rebirth and reincarnation.
If you chose the scarab, you most likely need to refill your energy. Try eating healthier and make sure your sleeping pattern is well. The scarab is telling you to look after yourself.
2. Triskelion
The triskelion is a powerful symbol that revolves around the mystical number 3. Its 3 pillars represent the powerful forces of alteration. If you chose this symbol, then it’s a sign that you need to break the barriers that aren’t letting you progress in life.
So what should you do? Learn to raise your energetic vibrations and reflect it in nature. Be in nature as much as possible to fill up with energy from everything around you.
3. Uroborus
The Uroborus is an ancient symbol used by the Gnostics. Back in time, it was widely misunderstood as a form of dark art. It’s real sacred meaning though is totally different. It represents the power of Karma along with the action-reaction-time chain.
If you chose this sacred symbol, then you need to take a better look at your Karma. At the moment, you’re trapped in a never-ending loop of situations. There’s no change and you might be even asking yourself why. The answer is because you don’t want to change.
Take a look at what you’re doing wrong and do your best to change it. Break that pattern and change will come.
4. Trident
The trident is an ancient Greek symbol which represents the bold patriarch figure. In Hinduism, Lord Siva uses this symbol and in ancient Greek the God of the Sea, Poseidon carries a trident in his hand. This symbol represents abundance and blessings.
Poseidon was one of the strongest Gods ever. He was fearless. This means that you need to step up to your fears and banish them. You need to find out what your fears are and let the world know that you’re going to fight them. This will help you attain spiritual dominance.
5. Labyrinth
The labyrinth is a sacred symbol that holds and protects its center. This symbol helps us discover our spiritual selves and holds our God seeds in its center. In Crete, labyrinths were used for many rituals where spiritual leaders would dance on them until they would reach a Divine state.
If you chose this symbol, then it probably means that you haven’t been yourself lately. As it you’ve lost yourself. Your busy lifestyle has distanced you from your spiritual life. Try to find your inner peace and manage to reach your spirituality again.
6. Eye of Horus
This sacred symbol derives from ancient Egypt. And if you chose this sign, then you immediately need to protect your aura. This symbol represents that β€˜watching eye’ meaning that Karma never sleeps and everyone gets what they deserve.
Call upon your guardian Angel to protect you. Try to communicate with him to receive guidance. Also, you can perform small yet effective rituals to cleanse you of negativity.

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