Pick a Symbol to Receive Advice About Your Current Situation

Choose a Symbol to Receive Advice About Your Current Situation

Observe the picture, then choose the one that got your attention the most and read the advice you need to hear right now. Choose a Symbol to Receive Advice About Your Current Situation.

1.Be careful and do not let obstacles on the road upset you. You will easily deal with the circumstances, and you should look at professional life from another angle to find a positive outcome. Avoid stormy discussions in the love field and do not doubt without having facts and information established.

2.Β The warmth of the people around you will create pleasure, relax in the atmosphere. You will create new contacts that will be useful to you in the future, stay open for change. You are satisfied with your result in a professional field, and in the emotional, new ideas will help you spice up your love life.

3.Β The mention of the past is just an excuse to avoid continuing further. Use the old memories that will float on the surface as a lesson and leave them behind you. in a professional field move in one direction, not in more at once. Give the word to your partner in the love field and do not leave the impression of a dictator.

4.Β You will be motivated and you will constantly move forward trying to reach the goals. Your sensitivity will cause you to be selective in relation to people and more clearly see the other’s intentions. Easier to understand the problems in the professional field and find a solution. Do not make serious love decisions and do not start big debates.

5.Β Do not reject any invitations and socialize yourself. If you want a change in your professional field and career, some interesting opportunities will open up to you. Happiness will not be fully afflicted in the love field, so avoid compelling things and stay calm while stabilizing the situation.


5 Replies to “Choose a Symbol to Receive Advice About Your Current Situation”

  1. I must never from now on give the inpresion that I can be a DICTATOR, I do not wanna be some kind of German Freek like Hitler.

  2. Move on one direction on one time, not more diferent directions, stady being Edgar sended by God almighty from the holy bible,,,, I must learn to forgive,,,, only I will get bad mean people off our planet.. That is a promise,,,,,, Ruling is no fun at al, I can not be a dictator. I wanna be a advisor and some one how warnings give when the things get out of hand,,, LIke Artificial Inteligence my study for a half year makes a dangerous outcome. When a A.I. is being learnt wrong doings they can easeley go harm the people on Earth,,,, Artificial Intelegence is danegerous, it can even do lying and get your feelings in a way that you do not feel ok anymore. I hope that people and buisness states compagnys are Human enoug to let the A.I. not become there boss how gives commands and will bring you or me in trouble, when it’s angry

  3. I must learn from the past and go clearly happy in to the futtere and doing my task with my powers given by God almighty from the holy bible, and not becoming a Dictator like Hitler or Assad or Stalin, I must go peacefull find resulutions for conflicts,, Force and war only when there is no alternetive way to stop a conflict that kills inesent people… LOVE RULES THE EARTH
    When there is no more peacefull solution, force must be used to save the inesent humans,,,,,, that are going to get killed and sever a lot by ther governments, and presidents that are creoel dictators,,,,,, I am not afraid of the Banking-people-organisation, they wil leave me in peace now, I proved to be the strongest fastestest best good servant from God almighty from the holy bible.
    Ill666 fuckt me up, financely and mstole almost 10 thousand usd. One day they are gonna pay, in the futtere, or when I am forgotten,,,maybe, hate leads to the dark side,, so I will leave them alone with there shit and never gonna be in contact again with those bad-people. They will never gonna make me lose with my mission on earth, I have a accountant end she deals with my finace, so no STRESS

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