Symbols are a powerful tool to discover what’s buried deep inside you.

Which symbol attracts you most reveals what is hidden in your soul.

Choose a symbol and discover what your soul needs
Which symbol attracts you the most?

Symbol 1

Your aura needs protection right away. You look like someone constantly watching you, but believe in karma and everything will be fine. Find a friend or family member who is your guardian angel and ask for advice. Get rid of the negative energy with small relaxation rituals.

Symbol 2

You are looking for your true nature, you want to find what is your spiritual center. You have been a little lost lately, you are working hard, your schedule is busy and your fast life is exhausting. Find people who make you feel at home, you need quality and harmonious connections.


Symbol 3

You have chosen a symbol of abundance and blessing. You are a man who has the gift of banishing all fears from himself. Say aloud to the world that you are not afraid. You are free and no one and nothing can touch you. You have weapons to deal with trouble.


Symbol 4

You are a person who often faces difficulties along the way but fortunately knows how to deal with them. You have incredible power and creative power to find the sun, even when everything looks dark. Energy will help you create the reality you actually want.


Symbol 5

You have to make some changes in your life and stop being trapped in the routine and obsessed with other people’s thinking. You don’t want change, but it’s time to change attitudes. Think where you are wrong and suddenly a new light will dominate your life.


Symbol 6

You are vital and always looking for new ways to renew your energy. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Stick to it, but allow yourself some adventure in life. At times, let yourself be faster, without forgetting the things you’ve learned from the past.


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