Choose a Lotus to Receive Free Psychic Reading

Choose a Lotus to Receive Free Psychic Reading

For best results, don’t think so much while choosing the right lotus for you. Scroll below for your free prophetic message. Follow you heart and choose one lotus.Β  If you’ve like it share this reading with your friends and family.Β  Choose a Lotus to Receive Free Psychic Reading.


1.Β Β Watch the bigger picture and focus on the future when making decisions about friends. This is a good day to prepare psychologically for the new work week, because your motivation is down.Β Activate yourself physically before your health gets hurt. This is a good day to dedicate yourself and to the needs of the body.Β Take a nap from the superiors and colleagues so as not to shave the nerves before the start of the working week. Get ready for emotional storms and changes.

2.Β Watch out for whom you are trusting and whose advice you are listening to today. Not all have good intentions, and you will find it hard to see it, because emotions guide you. This is a good day to talk to a person who is more experienced in the work than you.Β Pause from any financial and business decisions and deals, because you are overworked.

3.Β Your happiness is on the field of friendship, so expect the reasons for celebration. Relax on the enthusiasm and carelessness and do not plan too much in advance. The finances will remain stable, but it’s time to ask for an additional source of income. Do not close yourself in love.Β Be cautious, prone to fantasy, so you will hardly see reality. Accept criticism from a close friend.

4.Β Accept interventions and criticism from close friends. Today you will best function in large groups, do not isolate yourself. Make more analysis before making a decision about the finances, so that you do not regret later. This is a good day for new beginnings and initiatives.Β You will know how to create a positive atmosphere around you and it will attract real people. Trust her with intuition.

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