Each person is like a flame and has its own special light that stands out from all the others, but the most important thing is that there are no two identical lights. There are large and small fires that glow in different colors. Look at the picture carefully, choose the flame that you think best represents you and discover what kind of light shines in you. Choose a Fire Flame and Discover What Kind of Light Shines In You.


1. You are an honest person. Saints with their light and do not care about the opinion of other people.

Some people admire you, and some run away from you without trying to understand you, but you don’t care. Your strength lies in accepting yourself as you are.

Never let other people turn off your light.

2. You are a creative, emotional and very curious person.

You want to get to know the world, have fun, explore and love adventures.

Pass on your life enthusiasm to those who understand you and accept your view of life.

3. You are an idealist and you will do everything in this world to become better. Always defend the weaker.

From a distance, your light may seem dim, barely noticeable. But when someone approaches you, your flame immediately gives off heat.

Those who know you know how much power you have because you always leave a mark on the lives of the people you connect with.

4. You are a passionate person who wants to give and receive love.

You always give the best to everyone, what they need at the moment and that’s why you stand out from the others. You are a person who has no difficulty giving up.

Pay attention to your flame because sometimes other people’s wounds can be so deep that they can extinguish it.

5. You are a very smart, independent and creative person. You have a very rich inner world, although from the outside you may look like a relaxed and carefree person.

Your light is not constant, and sometimes it can go unnoticed.

However, when something is activated in you and you feel motivated, your light shines with a strong glow that can blind everyone.

6. You are a person who always seeks balance. You have to take care of your inner and outer world, to balance between stability and adventure.

You almost always keep the situation under control and that makes your light very pleasant.

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