Choose a Feather To Get a Tarot reading

Choose a Feather To Get a Tarot reading

Want to know what awaits you this summer? Choose the feather that attracts you the most and discover the answer! Choose a Feather To Get a Tarot reading.

1. Try to find a balance between money, work and love. Be more conscientious and never try to replace one thing with another. Take care of your financial life to live better, even with the person you have chosen to be by your side. Control your consumption and impulsivity and focus on what really matters.

A relationship that has been turned upside down for some reason will come to life and bring you more happiness and more positive energy than before. Forgive and get rid of the dissatisfaction in your heart and prepare for big surprises.

2. Past love may still live in your heart, but you must learn to separate from its influence in order to attract new love into the present. Love does not come if you are stuck in the past, so if you want to attract a new person who will bring you more positivity, you need to break all ties with those with whom you have been in the past.

If you live in the past, you will never experience anything new. Learn how to get rid of good and bad memories because living in the past is a waste of time.

3. Love should not be something you will suffer or struggle with. Cupid sends you a warning: if you want to have great love in life, it is better to use the law of attraction than hard work. Attraction is an easy and powerful process, which preserves your mental and emotional health and allows you to experience much more real love.

Attraction increases when you stop working so hard and allow yourself to live in the present. Excessive effort to find love creates fear as a result of the awareness of the possibility of not getting what you want. That fear grows in you more and more and eventually attracts what you are most afraid of: disappointment.

4. You want to help others and you can empathize with everyone around you, but when it comes to choices, you only believe in your personal choices. You do not listen to other people’s advice and that choice will be directed only in your favor.

If you want to have a healthier relationship, you may need to control your selfish motives.

5. You may experience moments of great loneliness, even if there are other people near you. That loneliness can be caused by bad relationships and your inner state. What you have been wishing for so long will finally come true. In difficult situations, you will be able to defend your point of view, you will succeed in a very important job for you.

This summer, you can develop new projects and set new tasks – luck will be on your side.

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