Choose a Crystals and Discover Your Greatest Power

Each person has a unique characteristic according to which he stands out from the rest. This feature is usually so powerful that it can completely change your life if you know how to use it. Well, if you think that you are completely mediocre, without any special abilities then do this test and get ready to be thrilled.

1. You are a generous and moral person
Your exceptional generosity is the first quality that others notice. When you want someone to be happy, you do not save yourself. Your generosity is also great in love, and when you fall in love, you fully commit to your partner, without fear of being harmed. But this feature can cause other people to take advantage of you.

2. You are a loyal and sincere person
You would never surrender close people, but you yourself are asking them to be just as faithful. You believe that everyone is responsible for your actions and behaviors and you are not indifferent to good or bad behavior towards you. Because of your benevolence and innate charm, you easily acquire new friends.

3. You are creative individuals
You are an introvert that loves to observe things around and think about them. You have incredible fantasy and want to dig deep in your thoughts, completely fleeing from reality. But it creates a gap between you and other people, so they often experience you as a crank. Use your imagination and express yourself in a creative way.

4. Your intuition is phenomenal
Your intuition is bordering on the surreal and you can always trust her. Your dreams are also unusually correct and you can anticipate all events-not just those that are related to you, but those that relate to your loved ones. To improve this ability, you need to spend more time in solitude.

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