Choose a Crystal To Receive Intuitive Reading

Choose a Crystal To Receive Intuitive Reading

Discover your intuitive reading by choosing one of those crystals. Analyze the picture and choose the one that got your eyes the most to get the best results. Choose a Crystal To Receive Intuitive Reading


1.Β Β Today things will take place too fast and if you do not find a way to relax, health can side. Take advantage of the happiness that follows you to do something new and creative in the following period. Think twice before making any promises.Β You will act instinctively, without thinking, and it can put you in an awkward position. Let rationality guide you.

2.Β Today, watch out for the diet if you want to keep the pace of the day. You will not have much luck in the work, so you have to improvise. Rely on the colleagues you trust. The need for freedom today will make you attractive in everybody’s eyes.

3.Β Talk more openly about the thoughts and ideas you have. Closing within oneself can adversely affect health. Do not be afraid of novelties, be more confident. Find the power to shut it down, it can save you from unnecessary quarrels.

4.Β Stay spontaneous and relaxed if you want luck to smile on every field, take more risk. Do not mix compromises with weakness and subordination. Egoism can cost you a lot.Β You have the ability to easily persuade and you need to use it in the field of love, of course with a healthy one

5.Β There is no need to stick to stubbornness and perseverance at all costs, today you can lose close and important contacts because of them. Be serious and do not mix private jokes with your obligations. Love doubts should be checked well before you react.


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