Choose a Healing Crystal To Receive A Oracle Reading

Choose a Crystal To Get A Oracle Reading

Take a moment to ground your energy before making your crystal selection above. Choose a Healing Crystal To Receive A Oracle Reading. Scroll down to receive the reading.

1.Β A great week for love and romance of all kinds. If you are single and looking, go out and meet someone new… This is certainly the week for it! Great happiness is in store for you this week. Much of it will come from relationships that are set to improve now. It becomes possible to connect deeply with friends and family. The key to joyful experiences is to be fully present at the moment as well as making yourself emotionally available.

2. A family celebration of some kind could be on the cards, whether it be an anniversary, birthday, christening or just a get-together because the weather allows for it. Make the most of the momentum the sense of optimism brings now – especially creatively – to bring any projects to completion. There is a risk you could get a bit lazy and overoptimistic about things taking care of themselves. You are brimming with compassion and empathy this week, as well as optimism, so expect people to be drawn to you for comfort.

3. Your closest, most intimate relationship is a mirror for your creative energy this week. Pay attention and take responsibility for the part you play in nurturing the relationship. For both coupled people and singles, sexual frustration carries a deeper lesson now. Time to sort out any creative blocks and seek out some sexual liberation. Work deeply with the prescription in the general weekly guidance above. Much progress needs to be made… and much progress can be made!

4. Don’t fool yourself that this will take care of itself though. You have to face your blocks to release them. Ideally, you should seek to gain a deeper understanding of how your creativity is linked with your sexual energy in order to prevent future blocks. This crystal could also address your unwillingness to step into the spotlight or take on the role of a leader. Look closely at how you may be holding yourself back while pushing others to the front.

5. Ground your energy. This is especially important if your current state of affairs is making you feel anxious. You have what it takes to get this sorted but you need to keep a clear head, so look after your physical health by making sure you have proper home-cooked meals and go to bed early enough to get a good night’s sleep.


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  1. I need healing.
    X up for 11plus rape offenses n more.
    Let him out on Bail from remand. Now he’s done a runner… I’m so scared

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