Choose a Crystal For Oracle Reading and Guidance

Choose a Crystal For Psychic Reading and Guidance

Allow your inner wise self to rise up and whisper to you. When you are ready, give a great big smile and pick the crystal that calls you. Pick a Crystal for Oracle Reading and guidance. Enjoy.

1.Β Drink your water, eat healthy, and make sure to keep the mind clear so that you can be very focused on how you’re moving forward. Today is the day that we want to make sure that we are clear on what we want and how we would like it to happen so that our spiritual teams may help us along the way to obtain it. We are amazing, awesome manifestors! So let’s make sure that we are clear about what we want before we put it out there, okay?

2. There is something in your life that you’ve been wanting to try for a very long time that you believe will bring you happiness and they agree. So, set fear aside and do your best today to take one step or even just one small action towards that goal so that the feeling of progress may sweep over you and all of those baby steps can add up to accomplishment!

3.Many times we may feel as though we are out of alignment with their soul’s purpose. This sun was chosen today so that we may be aware that no matter how out of alignment we may feel sometimes, the Universe and our Spiritual Team are always gently nudging us back on path. So if you are feeling as though you may be off track slightly, take some time today to sit with Spirit and gently feel the energetic stream of the Universe pull you back into the right direction.

4. Now is the time to step forward in caution. You need to be able to gather all of the facts and resources around you before taking any action in the direction that you seek. Ask the Archangel Uriel to help you find the resources and knowledge that you need in order to move forward in the direction that you desire with a complete understanding of all the options that are available to you. This is a time of making a choice and it is so important to be well informed before choosing at this moment.

5. Your aura needs protection right away. You look like someone constantly watching you, but believe in karma and everything will be fine. Find a friend or family member who is your guardian angel and ask for advice. Get rid of the negative energy with small relaxation rituals. At times, let yourself be faster, without forgetting the things you’ve learned from the past.

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  1. I wish to know about my love life and if I will get married again. I am divorced. I picked up the 4th crystal for reading

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