Please Choose a Card and I will Reveal the Wisdom of a Crop Circle to You

Choose a Card to Reveal a Message from Your Angel

Carefully observe the picture and choose one card that got your attention the most. Please Choose a Card and I will Reveal the Wisdom of a Crop Circle to You. Share your results with your friends and family.

1. There are days when challenges constantly arise and there are always various delays. You will need to check things all the time to make sure everything is working properly. You may be tempted to overload yourself with caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates, and energy drinks. But be moderate. Get as much healthy energy as possible through fruit and lemon water.

2. These days it is extremely important to pay attention to the fuel you take into your body. You have a lot of things in mind and how you deal with it all during the day depends a lot on the type of fuel you take into your body. This includes your inner thoughts because they are also fuel. You will notice a change in your reactions and you will find peace with which you will pass the period when you felt restless.

3. You are in a place where there is harmony, balance, love and satisfaction in your relationships. Enjoy this beautiful and harmonious time. These important connections will help you recover from everything that happened to you not so long ago. Express your love and gratitude to those who love and care for you, because they are surely angels on earth.

4. You are a good character evaluator and have a strong will. You are proud of being very good at working with people, above all because you know who to trust and who not. You are very close to your best friends and they are one of the few people with whom you feel comfortable. You never feel completely relaxed talking to new people, so sometimes when you have to talk one on one even with people you know, it can be awkward and weird. You also have a lot of self-confidence and you fight for what you know you deserve.

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