Calculate How Many Past Lives You've Lived.

Calculate How Many Past Lives You’ve Lived

The concept of past lives is not new. According to numerology, when we die we pass on our karmic energy to the next living soul down the line. Calculate How Many Past Lives You’ve Lived.

Calculate How Many Past Lives You’ve Lived

So wouldn’t you like to know just how many lives you’ve lived based on your birthday? Because BuzzFeed’s latest video will make it one of the most simple things you can do. Just remind yourself of your birthdate, and the rest is pretty self-explanatory.

You will want to write the answers to all the questions in the video down. I personally have a very bad memory, so I needed to keep track of all the numbers I wrote down. The rest is very simple arithmetic that you can do in your head within seconds.

The system on which this works is pretty straight forward. There are a limited amount of possibilities raging from one through nine, with the exception of eleven and twenty two which are master numbers. So start with your birth month.

I was born in February, which means that that number becomes two. If I was born in a double digit month like December, I would add the two numbers of the month together to get three. Then we move on to your day of birth.

You do the exact same thing as you did with the month. Adding the digits together and writing them down. Finally β€” you calculate the number for your year of birth.

I was born in 1992, so the total would be 21. Once you have all three numbers from your day, month and year of birth, you will add it all up. In my case is all totaled to be 25. Unless the answer is a number between one to nine or 11 and 22 β€” you will need to add the two numbers together to get a single digit. After adding two and five together I got my number seven.

According to numerology I have lived seven lives and this life is dedicated to truth seeking. Try it for yourself and find out how many lives you’ve lived through!

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