Baby Crying Translator? Yes, please!

Baby Crying Translator? Yes, please!

Crying baby requires a lot of attention and caring parents were having difficulty understanding what exactly crying baby. That is why a group of US scientists have developed a system of artificial intelligence that differentiates when crying is caused by hunger, a desire for physical contact or is linked to illness. Baby Crying Translator? Yes, please!

Parents often fail to understand the baby’s cry (though they may sometimes err), as each cry has certain characteristics that parents recognize consciously or unconsciously. And although the identification of baby crying has been difficult for scientists, the latest applications of artificial intelligence offer excellent solutions.

The results of the research were published by the Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Chinese Automation Society. Their system uses algorithms for automatic speech recognition, which are used by companies like Google and Amazon to recognize different features of baby crying.

“Both in speech and in the sound of baby crying there is health-related information,” said Luciano Lu, a professor at Northern Illinois University and a member of the research team. β€œThe differences between the sound signals give us a lot of information. The differences are presented in different forms of crystal signals. To identify and use information, different ways of crying need to be identified. The ultimate goal is healthy babies and less pressure on parents and carers, “Lou adds.

Scientists are looking to collaborate with hospitals and medical research centers and hope to have products for clinical use soon.

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