8 Tips on Boosting Immunity: Our Best Defense Against COVID-19


Sunshine is good for immunity and bad for viruses.

One reason that flu is a winter problem is because the influenza virus is transmitted best at cooler temperatures and low humidity.

But there are other reasons for seeking sunshine. Research suggests it makes disease-fighting cells in the skin move faster and work more efficiently.

Sunlight also helps our bodies to make Vitamin D.

2. Stay hydrated with mineral and coconut water. Coconut water boosts electrolytes. Coconut water is a well-balanced fluid loaded with minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, and manganese, amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin C, and cytokinins, many nutrients that help improve immune health.Β Minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium, and potassium are often overlooked, but they are essential in providing the body enough energy to create immune cells.


One of our least valuable cliches is that we can sleep when we die. Much truer is: if we don’t sleep, we will die – sooner.

While more sleep won’t necessarily make us invincible, lack of sleep almost immediately tips our immune system into imbalance, simultaneously dampening parts of it and empowering others.

4. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant necessary for the growth and repair of tissues in the body. It helps to strengthen our immune system to fight illness by assisting our white blood cells.Β According to Orthomolecular Medicine,Β there wereΒ three independent clinical trialsΒ on the use of vitamin C in the treatment of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The Chinese government announced a recommendation to use high dose intravenous treatment of vitamin C to treat the outbreaks. For the prevention of a cold or flu at home, Ultra-Potent C by Metagenics is good because it also has lysine and glutathione, which assists in fighting viruses. Some great natural sources of vitamin C include citrus fruits, red and hot chili peppers, red peppers, thyme, parsley, dark green leafy vegetables, strawberries, broccoli, and kiwi.

5. Elderberry has been used for centuries as medicine to combatΒ influenza, colds, and sinusitis, and has been reported to have antiviral activity against influenza and herpes simplex.Β The Journal of International Medical Research reportedΒ that when treating with elderberry, symptoms were relieved on average four days earlier, and the use of rescue medication was significantly less in those receiving elderberry extract compared with placebo.


In my line of work I’ve heard it all, from chicken soup for the sniffles to copper bracelets for arthritis.

The former was prescribed for colds in ancient Egypt and considered a powerful remedy through the Middle Ages. The 12th Century Jewish doctor Moses Maimonides recommended it for everything from haemorrhoids to leprosy, leading to it becoming known as β€˜Jewish penicillin’.

7. Garlic is one of the bestΒ natural antibioticsΒ and antivirals. The unique Sulphur compound inΒ garlic helps resolve illnessesΒ of all kinds, including pneumonia, prevents food poisoning, and it improves intestinal health. Unlike traditional medications, garlic, like many herbs, is intelligent. Garlic is highly effective in killing off a host of gut pathogens, including candida, while at the same time feeding and encouraging the growth of beneficial microbes.

8. GingerΒ is a potent antioxidant that is excellent for boosting our immune health. High in many nutrients, this powerful root vegetable benefits many organs of our body.Β ResearchΒ backs of a long history of claims that ginger has unique therapeutic significance owing to its antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory potential.

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