21 sign that you came from another planet: Do you ever feel like you came to this world from another planet, or that you don’t belong in the environment in which you live? There are souls reincarnating on Earth coming from past life from different stars or planets and from different solar systems and galaxies.

Such people are called “Star Seeds”. They are highly evolved souls sent to Earth to bring the knowledge and wisdom needed to raise the consciousness of the planets.

Since they come from another place in the universe, they possess a much different aura and vibrations that allow them to access certain information from other worlds. This information usually indicates how the planet can advance and develop new technologies.

Yet, somewhere in the depths of their souls, Star Seeds know that Earth is not their home and they can feel it. They also often say they have dreams about being abducted by aliens or having had an encounter with aliens.

Numerous political and social rules usually seem unnecessary and irrational to them, and they usually find their way to do what they set out to do.

They are very intuitive and empathetic. They are very sensitive to the surrounding world and are usually interested in time travel and extraterrestrial life.

Physically they can even look a little different, they often have bigger eyes, longer necks and beautiful angelic faces.

How To Be Soul Strong: A Users Guide To Life On Planet Earth: http://reikiandyoga.com/soulstrong.html?hop=davoicee

Signs that you are a Star Seed


You have a strong feeling that the Earth is not your home

You feel as if you do not belong to a society and that it acts contrary to your beliefs

You have frequent dreams about aliens and spaceships

You are very intuitive and sensitive to the environment

You have seen UFOs and are interested in space, time travel and the spirit world

You are naturally talented at technology and problem solving

You are empathetic and compassionate.

You have a body that functions a little differently

You are extremely intelligent, but you are not interested in conventional knowledge

You constantly feel like you need to awaken your true purpose

Struggle to find your purpose and integrate into society

People around you also feel that you are different

Animals and children trust you immensely

You can’t spend a long time in a crowd

You have a problem with sociability and casual conversations don’t suit you

You remember or from time to time remember what your role is on Earth

You may remember beings from another planet or from another galaxy

You are an old soul and as a child you were always more mature than your peers

Life on Earth sometimes seems boring and frustrating to you, especially when you are reminded of where you come from You find solutions to problems much faster than the people around you

You are naturally gifted in technology, physics, engineering, astronomy, and metaphysics


It is believed that Star Seeds have a programmed “alarm” that allows them to wake up at different points in life in order to be able to fulfill their destiny β€œ

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