20 Signs That Your Life is Better Than you Think it is

Perhaps you are not satisfied with your life. You do not like the workplace, you do not have a partner, you want more friends … But sometimes we are not aware that things are not so bad. Your life is almost certainly better than you think, and these are the signs that will show you this.

1. You paid the bills this month, so maybe you even bought something.

2. You doubt yourself. You doubt your life. Sometimes you feel miserable. This is a sign that you are still ready for ripening. This means that you can be objective and aware of yourself.

3. You have a job. No matter how many hours and how much salary, you earn money that helps you eat something, sleep in something, and wear something. It’s not a failure if it does not seem right at the moment you thought. You appreciate your independence and take responsibility.

4. You have time for something you want. Even if it’s just sitting and watching a series.

5. Do not worry where the next meal will come. You have food in the fridge and you have enough to choose what you will eat.

6. You can eat because you enjoy it. It’s not about naked survival.

7. You have one or two close friends. People often care about quantity, but realize that the most important is intimacy, acceptance and joy. In the end, we all love only a few close people who really know us and want us.

8. You could afford to ride a bus, a cup of coffee or gasoline this morning. The tiniest things you need are within reach.

9. You are not the same person as a year ago. Learn, evolve, and you can identify the ways in which you have changed.

10. You have the time and conditions to do more. Maybe you went to a concert, you bought books, you went to a trip. There is no need to work continuously to survive.

11. You have more pieces of clothing. You do not have to worry if you will have winter gowns or summer clothes for the warm days. Not only can you protect and decorate your body, but you can do it for various occasions.

12. Feel what’s wrong in your life. The first and most important step is to be aware. It’s important to know when something is wrong and what you need to change.

13. If you can speak with your younger version, you can say: “We succeeded, we survived that terrible thing.” Very often people carry traumas from the past into the present. Allow the person you are now to tell your inner child that it will be fine.

14. You have your own space. It does not have to be a home or an apartment. All you need is a room, or just a desk that is just yours and which is part of your little world.

15. You have lost connections. And more important is the fact that you had them. You’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps something else is waiting for you outside.

16. You are interested in something. Whether it’s like being happier, how to have better connections, reading, movies or sex. There is something that interests you and you want to explore it.

17. You can take care of yourself. You know how many hours a dream you need, whom to call when you are sad, what to do when you do not feel well …

18. Work towards a goal. Even if you are tired and your goal looks really far away, you have a dream that you follow.

19. But you know how to make a compromise on the future. Some of the happiest people are those who know every situation to make it ideal. These are the people who enjoy the moment, so they forget to plan only one outcome.

20. You’ve been through a difficult period. Take a look at the challenges you are facing now and compare them with those you thought you would never overcome. Learn from your experiences. Life did not become easier, but you became smarter.

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